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Are you about to open a new bank account, or looking for the best reviews about zenith bank? Look no further. If you are anything like me, you definitely look past sizzling advertising and nags by sales rep to open an account to digging up these banks on the internet and doing your own research.

Let me quickly inform you that this review is unpaid for and will give you the most-up-to-date information about Zenith bank, so if you already have an account with them or planning to open one, bookmark this page so you can come back here to get the latest info about Zenith bank.

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Introduction to Zenith Bank

zenith bank savings account

Zenith Bank is a leading bank in Nigeria with over 11,000+ employees according to a quick Linkedin search and over 500 branches spread across Nigeria according to Wikipedia, though their branch locator currently shows 377 branches in the country.

They have a global footprint spread across the United Kingdom, Ghana, Sierra Leone, United Arab Emirates, and The Gambia.

Zenith bank was one of the few banks that survived the July 6, 2004 bank merger that was announced by Professor Charles Soludo, the former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria to raise the minimum capital requirement base of banks from N2 billion to N25 billion, and is also No #1,802 in the Forbes Global 2000, an annual ranking of the top 2000 public companies in the world, so Zenith bank is a solid bank by many standards.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

What we Like:

  • good branding
  • consistency
  • different products
  • active on social media platform

What we don’t Like: 

  • There is no monthly interest rate on your corporate account
  • Interest rates on a Gold premium account is low at 1.7% per annum.
  • You forfeit the interest on a Gold premium account if your minimum balance is less than N100,000 at the end of the year
  • You forfeit the 4.2% monthly interest rate on your savings account after three (3) withdrawals.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking

The Zenith bank internet banking is a convenient way to access your account from the comfort of your home or office anytime, anywhere. That is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year banking without restrictions (that is minus any service disrupt *sighs*).

With internet banking, you can check your account balance, transfer funds, pay electricity, insurance and recharge your mobile phone.

However, getting your login details isn’t as convenient. Here are the steps you need to follow:


  1. Download and complete this internet banking form and take it to a Zenith bank near you.
  2. After submitting your form, you will be given a token device which cost N3,500, access code, username, and password.


* You no longer require a token or access code to activate internet banking. You only the token if you wish to do transfers using internet banking. I think with this kind of clause, they still want you to shell out N3,500 for the token but with mobile banking, you can totally skip this. More about mobile banking with your mobile number further down the review

** I requested a soft token instead (this will be sent to your mobile number) and I was told the platform is still being worked on. I really expected that this would be fully functional but ….

2. You will receive an email to visit this URL: https://ibank.zenithbank.com/internetbanking/ and login with your details. For security purposes, you are required to change your original password.

After the first login, you will be able to login in two ways:

  • Username and Pin and Token
  • Username and Password
  1. After login, you can explore the different app sections and use the app to transfer funds to Zenith and other banks.

Local transactions

You can transfer a daily minimum of N3,000,000 from Zenith bank to another Zenith bank and there is a daily minimum transfer of N1,000,000 from Zenith bank to other banks.

Both limits can be increased by speaking with your Account Officer. You are assigned an account officer as soon as you open an account with them, so the account officer is your personal point of contact.

Charges Incurred

  1. Transfer to other banks attracts a charge of N52.50k, that is way less than other banks like GTBank so this is a big plus.
  2. Transfer to Zenith account attracts zero charges.
  3. Local Money Transfer attracts a charge of N210. LMT is only available on the Internet banking platform and is used for transferring funds to a beneficiary (someone) that does not have a bank account. When filling the details, you will need to include a secret question and answer, as your security details. The details are given to the beneficiary and this is what they present to the cashier before the funds are released to them.

It’s a pretty cool service if you ask me 🙂

International transactions

You can spend up to $1000 daily.

Your card may not necessarily work on all online transactions

Scam Alert: Zenith Bank Ltd will never ask for information concerning your PINs or passwords via email

Zenith Bank Mobile App

To start using the Zenith bank mobile app:

  1. Download the app

Google play store download link

Apple store download link

Blackberry download link

  1. Launch the app and Sign up.

For internet banking users, you will need your Account Number, Internet banking PIN + TOKEN

For non-internet banking users, you do not need your token but your transactions may be limited

  1. After sign up, you can log right into your account. Here are some of the things you can do with the app:
  • Transfer money from your account to other accounts
  • Recharge your line or other people’s mobile number
  • Pay Dstv, PHCN, and other bills
  • Set up recurring payments for subscription services
  • Request for your debit card
  • Activate or deactivate your cards
  • Request a new cheque book
  • Interestingly, you can also confirm cheque or stop cheque right from the mobile app
  • Book flights and hotels right within the app
  • Pay for your flights and hotel bills
  • You can use it locate a Zenith bank branch near you, making it your mini-bank app
  • You can also contact customer care right from the app

Note that the security feature built right into the mobile app causes it to lock after some minutes when it’s not being used so if you are in the middle of a transaction, you may have to start again if the app automatically locks.

Zenith Bank Corporate Banking/Internet Banking

The corporate account is for people who want to open a current account or a business account. Here are the deets:

  • It requires a minimum opening balance of N10,000
  • You need to fill an account opening form, present a valid means of identification, passport, two references who also operate a current account with Zenith bank or other banks
  • There is a N1 charge for every debit that occurs on the account, i.e N10 charge on every N10,000 debited
  • N60 charge for stamp duty for incoming payments or money deposited into the account

Corporate Internet Banking

Corporate internet banking is for customers who make frequent local and international transactions. The Corporate internet banking platform is packed with several features like the ability to assign different roles for officers in your organization that are involved in the payment approval process, and it can also be used to pay staff salaries electronically. To get started:

Note: A hardware token is required

Zenith Bank Customer Care

The Zenith bank customer care unit is available on all channels 24 hours a day, but when I contacted them via Live Chat on a Sunday evening, I couldn’t get through so I dropped a message. I didn’t hear back.

I contacted them again on a Monday, I was No 4 and it was a long wait so I hanged up. I tried again on Tuesday evening at 5:50pm, no luck. Around 7pm, I was No 10 on the queue and had to wait again for another 10 minutes to speak to a customer care agent. I didn’t want to burn through my airtime before I got a chance to speak with them, so I hung up.

This review needed to be written so I called again, this time on Wednesday morning, 7:15 am and yes! I did speak to a really nice lady who was patient enough to answer all my questions to write this review. No, she didn’t know it was for a review, I spoke like an intending customer 😉

The lesson here is you have more success at speaking with an agent at low-traffic times like early in the morning or late at night. When I call at 7:15 am, I was No 1. on the queue so there was no wait time.

If you would love to get in touch with them for any reasons, you can find their contact details below:


234-1-2787000, 234-1-2927000

234-1-4647000, 0700ZENITHBANK





Social Media Handle




Tweet @ZenithBank

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Zenith Bank Mobile/eaZy Banking

With the rise of mobile apps, several companies have now launched their mobile apps so that customers can log in easily from their mobile phones and access the different services from an easy access point.

Zenith bank is calling its mobile app, your Personal bank branch. To start using the Zenith bank mobile app, you need to have an account with Zenith bank. If you do not already have an account, opening an account is as easy as tapping a few numbers on your mobile phone. There is no need to visit a physical branch. Here is how:

  1. Dial *966*0#
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts. Find the screenshot below

zenith bank mobile banking 1

zenith bank internet banking registration



zenith bank corporate transfer code

At the end of the process, you will receive an SMS from Zenith bank with your ten-digit account no (NUBAN).

If you select ‘No’ in the Bank Verification Number (BVN) option, you will only need to input your:

  • Last Name/Surname
  • First Name

To update your BVN details later dial *966*BVN#

I strongly suggest you open your account with BVN details to enjoy the full benefits of your Zenith bank account. To get your BVN number on any network, either on Etisalat, Mtn, Glo or Airtel, dial *565*0#. A sum of N10 will be deducted to access this service. 

If you don’t have a BVN, visit the Zenith bank branch to request for one. 

As far as I’m concerned, doing all my transactions without having to login to any app, is the easiest form of banking and that is why I love the *966# option. Dial these codes to enjoy the full range of services that Zenith bank has to offer:

*966*0# – Account Opening

*966*00# – Check Account Balance

*966*Amount# – Load Airtime for Self

*966*Amount*Mobile Number# – Load Airtime for Others

*966*Amount*Account Number# – To Transfer Funds

*966*60# – Mobile Banking Password/PIN Reset

*966*BVN# – To Update BVN

*966*20*0# – To Deactivate Mobile Banking

*966*7*Amount*Customer ID# – To Pay DSTV and PHCN

*966*6*Biller Code*Amount# – To Pay Other Zenith Billers

*966# – Register for Eazymoney Account

Please note that network (SMS) charges may apply

Register for Eazymoney Account

You can easily do your transactions via mobile phone or internet banking but if you are still interested in creating an e-wallet for basic transactions, what you need is Zenith bank’s eazymoney account.

To create this account, you will have to visit a Zenith bank branch to register for an ATM card which cost N1000 only.

After collecting your ATM card, follow the process below:

  1. Dial *966#
  2. Select 2 from this drop-down menu

1>Open Account


3>Check Balance

4>Buy Airtime

5>Transfer Funds

6>Pay Bills

7>Other Services



* The Eazymoney app has phased out/not operational/not actively used at the moment. May be used again in the future

  1. Enter the last four digit on your debit card

Once you complete these prompts, you will receive a welcome message that contains an Activation Code and you will be able to create a New Pin using this activation code.

Scan to Pay – The Easier Way to Pay

Technology always looks for a way to make simple things even simpler and it seems Zenith bank is one of those banks that takes advantage of modern technology to serve its customers.

scan to pay zenith bank

Scan To Pay is a fast and secure way of paying for items purchased at outlets by simply scanning a QR (Quick Response) code using your smartphone. To use Scan To Pay:

1. Download the Scan to Pay App and create your Unique Password and Pin

Google Play Store

Apple Store

2. Register your free account as a customer (to make payments) or as a merchant (to receive payment).

3. Use the Scan To Pay App anywhere you find a mVisa logo (already available) or Masterpass logo (coming soon)

You do not need cash or cheque to use Scan To Pay and you can use the app anytime, anywhere.