Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Wizkid is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who started recording music at the young age of 11. There is a lot to be learned from Wizkid, not just from the entertainment angle but also from a business point of view.

Perhaps, you are reading this post because you want to start a side hustle, launch a brick n mortar store, an online business or even quit your job, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your desire to make more money in 2018.

The best part is, everyone can implement the lessons and make money; not make money as in you start pulling in six-figures after three months though that is a possibility you can’t rule out.

It takes time and effort to make money like Wizkid Ayo has done from his music business but what you will learn from implementing these lessons will literally start getting you more opportunities to make money and kick off the year with a bang.

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Lesson 1: Wizkid Started Early

wizkid starting early like wizkid nigeria

Wizkid started recording music at the young age of 11 when he had no financial backup but he did it all the same. Starting young meant that the music he recorded at his early years weren’t block busters but they were pivotal to his success as a recording artiste.

He didn’t just wake up to his hit single “Holla at your boy” at the age of 20 without any background in composing music. He was able to string the words together because he’s had years of practice in his closet so when the opportunity to sign up with Banky W’s record label, Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) came up, he was ready.

The lesson here is to start early. If you are reading this post, you are probably past the age of 11, and that’s fine. Infact, your age is not the primary factor here, instead, starting early means that you start doing something about your money-making idea.

Most freelancers and entrepreneurs start thinking of money soon as they get an idea, but that is still further down the line. For a business that wants to make money, here is the blueprint to start early““:

  • Gather the right information about your business.
  • Validate your business ideas: find out if people are willing to pay for your product or service when you open shop
  • Select the winning ideas: the one with the most prospects

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Lesson 2: Wizkid Had a Mentor. Mentors.

Naeto-C wizkid's mentor, nigeria

At different points in his career, Wizkid had mentors that coached him and presented him with opportunities that would prove valuable to his music career.

He also met OJB Jezreel and while visiting OJB’s PointBeat Studios, he was able to witness other artiste like 2Face Idibia and Sound Sultan record their albums. Wizkid also cited that Naeto C coached him at the age of 15.

Mentors are important for the simple reason that they’ve been there, done that, and can help you get to where you are going much faster.

Ideally, you should seek mentors that have already achieved what you are hoping to achieve, For example, if you were in the food business, it’s odd that your mentor will be a spare parts merchant unless you want to learn other specific business lessons from him.

When people think of mentors, they see an image of successful multi-millionaires but you don’t necessarily need a Dangote to show you the ropes. You may be shocked that having a Dangote mentor you to your first million may be a bad idea, because:

  1. As a startup, you may not be ready to handle the opportunities he presents to you
  2. He as very limited time to sit with you and have a heart-to-heart
  3. It’s been years since he walked that N1,000,000 road and he may not be able to relate

Naturally, it will be harder to get a “Dangote” to say Yes to your mentorship request.

Not every mentor is right for you. No, scratch that.

Not every mentor is right for the phase you are in, in your money-making quest.

Seek out mentors that are one – three steps ahead of you and you’ll have an easier chance of getting a yes

Lesson 3: Wizkid Started Small

wizkid holla at your boy

Screenshot from Wizkid’s Holla at your boy video

Look at Wizkid’s Holla at your boy video and look at Wizkids Come Closer video.

wizkid come closer screenshot


Screenshot from Wizkid’s Come Closer video

The latter is a long shot from the former.

Needless to say, if Wizkid had to re-record the first song that shot him to fame, it will be more glitz and glam, but right there lies a powerful money lesson:

Come closer with its half-naked video vixens and huge recording budget didn’t shoot Wizkid to fame. Instead, Holla at your boy with its tiny budget and completely clothed girls shot Wizkid to fame. It built his followers by the thousands.

The little you have is enough to get started. Maybe not in a big fancy way, but enough to make an impact if you:

  1. Do a good job: These insights from 33 millionaire entrepreneurs will guide you
  2. Ramp up your marketing skills
  3. Look for referrals
  4. Build up your customer base: You can use the virtual summit strategy to build up your customer base
  5. Save
  6. Expand
  7. Invest

Lesson 4: Wizkid Took Advantage of the Internet

When was the last time you visited YouTube? Oh, I just did and at the time of publishing this post, Wizkid’s Come Closer video has 52,000,000+ views!

wizkid took advantage of the internet

52,000,000+ views!!!

His social media credentials:

YouTube: 294, 409 subscribers

Twitter: 3.78M followers

Instagram: 4.6M followers

Facebook: 1.84M followers

That’s a total of 10M followers on social media.

How do you build these follower base if you have a low marketing budget? That is the million dollar question. Much as you’d like to believe that it takes a deep pocket, it isn’t really necessary, especially when you start early.

Find your first follower, your first 10 followers which makes it easier to get your first 100 followers and 1000 followers. Start from there.

Lesson 5: Wizkid Built an Active Fan Base

wizkid-rock-royal-albert-hall-ghkings-fans are your true ambassadors

It doesn’t take a wizard to know that songwriting is tough. You only need to listen to bad music to see how tough it is to record and perform music that people would love. Wizkid, with every track, built an active fan base.

Your fans are your brand ambassadors; they are the ones that will root for you when you are not there. They are the ones that will line up for hours waiting for you to show on stage, they will promote you for free, tell their friends about you and will buy every last one of your ticket.

That is what you need to do to build a profitable business, and if you follow lesson 4, you will have no problem building an active fan base that will love your products/services.

Infact, because you pay attention to your customers they will also pay attention to you. When you make mistakes, they will make excuses for you. It will be easier to build an active customer base when you have a thriving community of fans

Lesson 6: Wizkid Listens to His Fans

You can’t impose what you want on your fans. If the fans don’t like it, it won’t sell and Wizkid has consistently been giving his fans what they want, that is why he sells each time.

If you consistently give fans what they want, you may even influence their taste because people only listen to people they trust.

Listen to your customers and they will tell you what they want. If you give them what they want, they will reward you by buying from you and spreading the word about your business.

Lesson 7: Wizkid Continually Worked on ‘Getting Better’

You stop learning the day you die – peter grovel

When Wizkid first started, he didn’t get the tunes right, neither were his lyrics polished but he continually worked on getting better. That is the best anyone can do; continue to be better. When you get better at what you do, you’ll attract:

  • Quality client
  • Charge higher
  • Increased brand perception

Lesson 8: Wizkid Showed Up

Do you stay at home behind the “I am Introverted” cover? Trust me, Wizkid would not be where he is right now if he decided that because he didn’t like to go out, he would only perform in his Surulere hood. Infact, he would have long been forgotten or worse still, his music career would have been decimated. Instead, he showed up at many concerts, performed in universities, went to different states, all while performing to different audiences.

Showing up:

  • Builds your portfolio
  • Gives you the appearance of a professional
  • You’ll be able to charge higher
  • You’ll make mistakes fast and learn faster

Lesson 9: Wizkid Partnered with Other Artistes

tiwa savage and wizkid

Wizkid has partnered with many artistes over the years, both on a local level and on an international level. His partnership makes his music dynamic and lends credibility to his music career.

Partnership opens you up to new and in some cases, lifelong friendship, opportunities to attract more quality partners, and sponsorship opportunities.

Lesson 10: Wizkid Attracted an International Audience by Partnership

Who are you likely to support, your fellow country man or a stranger? You’ll most likely support someone that you share similarities with.

wizkid and drake come closer

Let me rephrase the question. What is the fastest way to gain an international audience? You guessed it. By borrowing other people’s audience and there is no better way of doing this than by collaborating with other artiste.

Lesson 11: Wizkid Won Several Awards

Wizkid after many years of hard work was nominated and won several awards that has proved to the world beyond any reasonable doubt that he is here to stay.

WizkidGhana awards for more recognition

You will most likely get nominated for awards if your work is good enough, but even if you don’t get nominated, feel free to enter into as many awards as possible. You may not win but the fact that you were nominated also adds to your brand and credibility.

To get the best out of this strategy:

  • apply for awards early
  • ask your fans and followers to vote for you
  • add award nominations to your bio
  • write an article on your blog or social media channels for increased brand exposure

Lesson 12: Continue

Don’t stop.

The minute Wizkid stops producing new albums, that is when people will start to get him off their minds. With the short attention span and the million and one things we have to do, its easier to forget someone exists, that is why you must strive to stay top of mind.

It’s not that difficult. If you put these 12 lessons into practice, you will find it much easier to keep the momentum going.

Bonus: Replicate

This is an age old trick that you must put to use if your business must thrive.

It’s possible that at some point, three things will happen to Wizkid

  1. He may fade out
  2. Others may find his music repetitive
  3. He may not be inspired to write new songs

However, Wizkid must be smart or at least have some smart people around him because he has started replicating by signing up Young Ahmed to his record label.

If for any reason Wizkid’s music doesn’t ever flow with you again, you will most likely be a fan of the artiste he signed

wizkid record label signs up young singer ahmed

There you go. Wizkid uses these tips to roll in millions to his account and you can start using these tips to make more money in 2018. So, which of the tips will you start with?