When business is slow, you have extra time that flies by quickly if not properly utilized. Here is a huge list of things to do to grow your business that you can read whenever you experience “that slow time of the year. Bookmark this post so you can pull it up anytime, anywhere.

Note: If you are yet to start a business, here are 701+ unique business ideas for beginners you can start with low investment

1. Cold message

Touch base with old friends, the pile of business cards sitting in your locker and the hundreds of Linkedin connections you have amassed. You may hit a goldmine. Seriously …;)

2. Cold pitch

I know that cold pitching thing aint your business but you can’t afford to ignore this client-attraction strategy. If you reach out to the right set of people, cold pitching can add a long list of people to your clientele and help grow your business and there is no better time to try out this strategy than when business is slow.

  • Start by drawing up a very targeted list of prospects. I suggest you use Craiglist, Linkedin, Google or Limeleads
  • Next, find the right person your email should go out to. Ideally a decision maker
  • Send that email. You can get some high converting emails here
  • Follow up if you haven’t heard back in a week
  • Rinse and repeat

3. Send a thank you note to clients

When was the last time you got a thank you note? Yea…a long time. Imagine how your clients would feel if they got a handwritten note from you or something custom made! Happy right? A happy customer may net you some new business

4. Attend an event

And it doesn’t even have to be a business event. You would be surprised to find your target audience at wine tasting events, weddings, dinner parties and the like. Just keep an open mind, build new relationship and have fun.

5. Write a business plan

Did you ever have one? If you are anything like me, you like to write it down as you evolve, but maybe now is the time to actually grab a chair and write out a business plan with your vision and mission statement, values, marketing strategy, you know, the whole 9 yards.

6. Re-write your business plan

If you already have a business plan, chances are you have outgrown it. Your business plan will help you find focus, remove strategies that no longer work for your business and help you determine the direction of your business. RE-writing your business plan can even reveal the strength in your business that you have under-utilized in the past

7. Host a virtual summit

Hosting a virtual summit can be a game changer for your business and help you add dozens of new prospects to your sales funnel. A virtual summit is simply when you interview experts in a niche or on certain topics [a sweet spot will be between 7 – 21 speakers though I have seen some virtual summits with more than 21 speakers] deliver it over a specified period of time and viewers opt-in to watch.

A virtual summit is typically a vodcast on wheels in that you only have to record the videos once and profit from it over and over again.

I tripled the amount I invested in hosting my virtual summit, got three sponsors and even grew my email list by a 1700%. Check out the 12 life changing reasons to host a virtual summit or my virtual summit coaching if you are ready to create a virtual summit that attracts rockstar sponsorship and interest.

8. Audit your business

When was the last time you carried out a business audit? Crazy, I know but with all the many things you had going on in your life and business, a full business audit was the last thing on your mind. Now is the best time to carry out a full-time audit.

You can start from a management audit, legal procedures [online security, intellectual property protection, terms of use and privacy policy page, client contracts] all the way to doing your financial audit or hiring an independent body for your financials

Your business would be stronger, healthier and ready to accept an inflow of clients at the end of your audit.

9. Read a book

Not only can you discover guerilla strategies and best-kept business secrets by reading, you would also go on a journey of self-development. I am currently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s classic, David & Goliath and I am not even halfway through but I am learning a lot.

read a book when business is slow to put your business on the fast lane

10. Write a book

Want to get your business on the super fast lane when business is slow? Put down all your years of experience in a book! These days, writing a book doesn’t require an agent and a pile of rejection letters. There is now a thing called self-publishing.

All you need is a computer, content, an editing service, and formatting your book for online platforms/distributors like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace, Kobo, Nook and IngramSpark

11. Do something new

Because the best ideas come when you are out – playing and trying new things

12. Create a popcorn product

First heard the term from Kim Roach from buzzblogger. A popcorn product is one you can create in a week, even a weekend. Your popcorn product can be a short email short, PDF, video series but just something you can create and sell quickly. You can also conveniently price it between $7 – $27 so this product is easy to create and sell

13. Do some re-branding

It may be time to touch up your site a little bit. Switch the colours, re-position your opt-in offer, take new pictures of yourself and product and upload it on your site and across your social media channels, change your product packaging, work on your logo to reflect the stage you are in business and explore other ideas you have to rebrand your business.

14. Update your posts

Google likes it when you write a new post because it can index more pages on your site. What Google also loves is a detailed post that is updated regularly.

The knowledge you have about a particular topic has increased six months since you wrote that post. Its time you update your posts with new data, stats and image, and when you are done, just republish. This will drive more traffic to your site that will opt-in to your mailing list.

I you operate a brick-n-mortar store, maybe it’s time you shake things up a bit. You may need to update your business cards, client database, buy new equipment you can introduce to your customers, there is no limit to the way you can explore this idea

15. Try different post types

This helps you A/B test what type of content performed best for your blog.


You can publish Infographics, Video, Audio, quote, features, reviews, community posts and round-up posts.

33 online entrepreneurs share uncommon business insights

16. Create a one-page speaker sheet and send to local event organizers

Most events that you target would probably have their speakers already but if you have a speaker page with testimonials, one-page speaker sheet and or speaker demo video, getting a  nod of approval from the big guys won’t be such a problem

Fancy an extra publicity?

17. Grow your Pinterest boards

Pinterest for traffic and lead generation is at an all-time high and you can get your piece of the pie without breaking the bank.

Follow these Pinterest rules and you will be well on your way …

To automate your Pinterest scheduling, I recommend Boardbooster.

18. Do pro bono work

That’s Latin for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Yup, even when offering your skillset to people who can’t afford it, there is profit.

19. Research

Research! Research!! Research some more!!!

Find out what is trending online via Google Alerts, Google trends, but also dig deep to find out why business is slow at this time of the year for you

20. Create a lead magnet

A lead magnet is an opt-in gift that you offer visitors, whether online or offline to encourage them to be a part of your tribe and purchase your products or services.

You can also create a post-specific, page-specific and category-specific lead magnet so you can be sure that you are getting the most targeted leads.

21. Host a workshop

Hosting a workshop doesn’t require a fancy hall. If you’ve never done one before, this is your chance to experiment and see if you can include it as part of your overall business strategy.

Pick a venue. Your living room or office and a whiteboard is a good place to start.

Send an email to your existing client database or mailing list inviting them to a one-day workshop.

Limit attendance to a group of 20 to increase the perceived value. Test the strength of your email list by offering a paid workshop. If you price a seat at $27, you would have $540.

Increase the value they get at the workshop and you can easily price it at $99.

Or your strategy can be to have more people at the workshop that you convert to clients

22. Host a webinar

There are so many great things about hosting a webinar. First, your audience can see you as you teach live, there is the chat box for interaction and live questions and with software like Webinarjam, you can do a time-limited offer on the spot, and send people to your sales page while you are still teaching on the webinar.

You can also record the entire webinar-experience, and re-package it as a product that you can sell separately or as a bonus for your other products.

23. Do some work on the back-end

Install new plugins, un-install plugins, add new tags, remove that annoying white space, and personalize your backend so that it’s not crazy in there

24. Host a giveaway

And promote the heck out of it. You can offer a free one-hour consultation, your coaching services or a product that ties in well with your service.

25. Visit a past client

Sometimes, we get too busy that we just don’t remember and a visit to a client might just jog their memory.

26. Review your morning and end-of-the-day routines

Your end-of-the day routines are just as important as your morning routines.

27. Run a challenge

Challenge yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do. You can run a blogging challenge, list-building challenge or participate in others challenge

30. Form a new habit

So, I have read it takes 21 days or 30 days to form a new habit. However, consistency is key with forming a new habit. Your  new habit can be writing 1000 words a day, emailing an influencer everyday, sending daily emails to your mailing list.

31. Find new vendors

Update your vendor list, find new vendors and negotiate a price ahead of time to give you more advantage when you are ready to use that vendor.

32. Update your system of closing new clients

Do you have a sales funnel? What does it look like? What happens from the time you identify an ideal prospect up until the time you convert them to new clients? By examining your system, you will be able to determins if you are not losing potential clients along the line

33. Add new payment options

More flexibility with payment plans and options means you can rid your customers of any excuses they might have when it comes to payment. If you previously only accept credit cards, consider accepting debit card and paypal.

Also if your product or service is on the high end, a payment plan will also go a long way in increasing sales.

34. Get some PR

for FREE. If you have a very interesting story about your product or how it has helped your customers, you can write that in a press release and use a distribution service like PRNewsWire and it might get picked up by a journalist.

You can also key into a topic that is trending in your industry and promote your own version via email and social media. If it gets enough traction, it might attract the attention of a journalist.

35. Interview an influencer

If they like the interview, they might share it with their audience. this directs a lot of eyeballs to your business

Mike Allton interview - What to do when business is slow and how to put your business on fast track

36. Publish a kindle book

If you are not quite ready for a full page physical book, why not try publishing a kindle book? You can get thousands of downloads if you enroll your ebook in KDP select and promote using both free and paid kindle book services.

37. Take a free course

I recommend coursera, Alison or Lynda because they have a large pool of free online courses you can take and earn a certificate

38. Teach a course

 39. Become active on social media so you are always visible to your customers/prospect

40. Try a new marketing channel

Sign up for a new ad network, or try traditional advertising. Contrary to popular opinion, it still works

41. Look for new partners or affiliates

You can find them in facebook groups, mastermind and even on Pinterest. Just make sure you engage them with them first before pitching so you don’t end up in spam

42. Watch a business program like shark tank to find new ideas

I LOVE shark tank

43. Participate in a business contest

I had a friend who did and he won. This gave him a head start in his business and relationships he could leverage in the future

44. Get your accounting in order

Use Quickbooks or Excel sheet because a balanced sheet is the first sign of a healthy business

45. Carry out a business survey

Survey new visitors to your site, survey your local customers, and also post the survey on your FB page and FB groups

46. Master FB Ads with $1/day

A dollar a day seems small but that can net you a couple of likes for your FB page and drive two – five to your website

47. Get a contract job

You might as well get a contract job to keep the cash flow in your business. Plus, you gain experience in a corporate environment, build new relationships, work on exciting projects without a long term commitment

48. Rewrite your about and services page

That is about the last thing you want to do right. I know… Yet its important. Give your about and services page a lift and include an opt-in form on your about page  so you don’t miss the opportunity to capture leads.

49. Do a price slash

Everyone likes a good deal. If you have some popcorn products, as in #12, bundle them together for the price of one.

50. Keep calm and stay positive. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Whoops! Use this list and you will find yourself super productive and your business up and running in no time.

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