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Hosting a virtual summit is the fastest way to quickly build a powerful network of influencers, add 100’s – 1000’s to your email list and create a new stream of income

I created Maximize Summit, Nigeria’s first virtual summit in August 2016 and I was able to grow my email list by 1700% and tripled my initial investment.

You can see my mailerlite account in May and June before my virtual summit promotion started.

email list increased by 1700%

Two weeks into summit promotion and I was almost exceeding my free plan limit 

email list increased by 1700%

two of the three emails for last month subscribers belonged to me. So I have my virtual summit to thank for this amazing list growth 

The best results I got from creating my own virtual summit was the relationships I was able to build with these influencers and the testimonials I got during and after the summit

virtual summit increased my email list by 1700%

virtual summit increased my email list by 1700%

And getting sponsorship from these brands was pure joy

Hosting a virtual summit is one of, if not the best decision you can make to increase your brand visibility, attract highly targeted clients, and meet powerful influencers online.

I have written several posts on virtual summit and will link to them below: 

12 Life-Changing Reasons to Host a Virtual Summit | 7 Things You Didn’t Know about Virtual Summits 

No Money? No Problem. Here are Three Types of Virtual Summits You Can Create

 I have designed my Rockstar Virtual Summit Coaching to give you everything you need to create a successful Virtual summit. 

Here is what you get in my complete 30 Day Virtual Summit Coaching:


  • Intro and why host a summit
  • Creating the theme for your virtual summit
  • Tools to create a virtual summit
  • How to get speakers on board
  • Mistakes to avoid as you create your virtual summit
  • Interview success secrets
  • Promoting your virtual summit – Best Traffic Strategies
  • Profiting from your summit
  • Virtual summit branding
  • Creative ideas for your summit

*Bonus – how to land a dream speaker

*Bonus – Getting sponsors for your virtual summit


Get access to high converting pre-launch page, landing page / sales page / proven email scripts to land big name speakers, email swipe copy (including affiliate copy) to get more opt-ins and sales, sample promo graphics and more.


Forgot to ask a question during our call? Confused about anything? Not sure about a software?

You can send me an email anytime and get answers to your most burning questions.

I will be with you every step of the way and even help with your page setup.


Lastly, Rockstar Virtual Summit Coaching will give you everything you need to create a successful virtual summit so you can build your business and produce results you can benefit from months after your summit is over.


Ready to host your profitable virtual summit?

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Hannah is a wonderful and enthusiastic trail blazing entrepreneur with great interview skills. I get interviewed a lot, so I know when I’m being interviewed by a professional.

Hannah asked great questions that not only brought out my expertise, but also gave great value to the listeners. A very positive experience. You’re in good hands with Hannah.

I’d jump at the opportunity to work with her again.

Nicola Grace

International Public Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor

I had the opportunity to share a stage with Hannah at Social Media Week Lagos 2016 and the experience was phenomenal.

She demonstrated great depth regarding Content Marketing and Online Business.

John Obidi

Social Media Strategist, Smart B-camp

Hannah, you’ve put together such a stellar summit!

Thank you for inviting me to participate. I hope your attendees have gotten value from my interview!!!

Nicole Holland

Host, Business Building Rockstar Show

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