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Want to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest? I will show you why Viraltag is the best Pinterest scheduler and if you stick with me, I will also show you how to get a full plan, all features included for free for the next 6 months!

Pinterest is a social media platform with over 175 million users, pinning and repinning billions of images so imagine how surprised I was at myself for only jumping on the Pinterest train late last year 🙁

Good news is, it’s not too late for you to start using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog 🙂 When I first got started, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but as I continued to learn more about Pinterest, I realized it was one of the best social media networks for bloggers and marketers to drive free quality traffic to their blog.

My account went from almost non-existent to reaching over 139,000 average daily viewers in less than 6 months (remember, for the most part, I didn’t know what I was doing)

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It was evident this progress was as a result of consistent pinning to my account. While it’s good for you to pin manually and I still do, I couldn’t keep up because of the other demands in my business so I had to find a scheduler to do the job.

In this post, I am going to reveal the Pinterest tool I discovered that is working absolute magic for me, and it’s got so many features that I haven’t found in other Pinterest schedulers out there. In fact, I consider it my secret tool because it makes pinning and repinning to Pinterest such a breeze.

This is my honest and complete review of ViralTag, the powerful Pinterest scheduler that helps me drive quality, free traffic from Pinterest.

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What is ViralTag?

ViralTag is the #1 social media marketing tool for sharing visuals. With ViralTag, you can:

Manage multiple social media networks: why manage your many social media profiles from different accounts when you can do it from one place and save your precious time?

You can manage your personal Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram accounts and also clients account from one central dashboard.

Schedule unlimited posts: unlike other schedulers that limit you to the number of posts you can schedule in one day, there are no limits to how many posts you can schedule, so schedule to your heart’s content 😉

Evergreen content: worried that previously published posts won’t get the attention they deserve? ViralTag is for you! With a single click, you can set ViralTag to continuously post your content and drive traffic to your blog.

Collaborate with your team: it doesn’t matter if your team is located in planet Mars, provided they have an internet connection, you can collaborate on your social media strategy and achieve more together.

Analytics: see how you are doing on social media at a glance.

ViralTag Pinterest Scheduler Walkthrough

Let’s get into exactly how to set ViralTag up for optimal success.

Step 1: Sign up for a Free Account

You will find out how to get a free 6-months plan soon but your first step is to sign up for a free 14-day trial. Click here to sign up for your ViralTag account.

Step 2: Connect your Pinterest Account

You will follow this same step for the other social media networks but our focus in this post is Pinterest. Click ‘Accounts’ and the ‘Connect’ button next to Pinterest. If you do this right, you should see your profile appear in the ‘Accounts’ section.

viraltag pinterest scheduler connect button

Step 3: Prepare Pins for Posting

There is a lot you can do here, from design to scheduling so let’s go through each step. I also need to mention that one of the reasons why ViralTag as become my favorite tool is how ViralTag as been setup like a workflow. Thumbs up.

i. Design Pins: Canva is my free go-to tool for designing clickable pins for Pinterest and now, ViralTag has brought the power of design right into your dashboard by integrating with Canva.

To design pins, click the ‘Design’ section of the ‘Explore’ tab and click ‘Design in Canva’ for Pinterest. You will see your Canva image editor pop in front of your screen. Really cool 🙂

canva and viraltag integration scheduling tool for bloggers

When you are done designing, hit the ‘publish’ button and your pin is ready to be scheduled.

schedule your post from viraltag

Note: I visited my Canva account afterward and couldn’t find the pin I designed in my ViralTag dashboard. If you are used to designing pins and don’t require edits after your design, this is not a problem, but I thought it was necessary to point this out.

ii. Schedule Popular Images: One of the ways Pinterest decides how to rank your profile is the quality of pins you post. Instead of spending hours looking for popular images, click ‘Popular Images,’ search for categories and add a single image or multiple images to your schedule.

popular images in viraltag

iii. Add Feeds from RSS: Do you know you can add images from your favorite blogs to your Pinterest schedule? Visit the ‘Feeds’ section in the ‘Explore’ tab and manually add blogs or do a keyword search. ViralTag will auto-suggest blogs for you. How cool is that!

add blog rss feeds to pinterest

iv. Add Feeds from Pinterest: Imagine being able to pull an entire feed of carefully selected pins from any Pinterest account … *huge time saver*

Note: If you decide to use ViralTag, feel free to pull my account into your ‘Feeds.’

iv. Pin from a Circle: ‘circle’ on ViralTag works like a group board on Pinterest. You can choose what circle to join, and also start your own circle.

Note: I noticed the ‘Circle’ feature is not properly utilized and the Viraltag team should take note. The ‘Circle’ is a power feature that has the potential of driving repins and clicks to your website.

v. Pin from Multiple Sources: When you click to add a post, you can upload images from seven sources:

  • Your Computer
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Web search
  • Flicker
  • Google Drive
  • Instagram

Step 4: How to Pin and the Pinning options

i. Pin single images

ViralTag allows you to either pin one image at a time or bulk upload images. When you select an image, you are given these options:

Choose: which board(s) the pin should go

Pin Description: Pinterest works pretty much like a search engine so you should write your pin descriptions using your audience search terms

Source URL: If you select this image from an existing URL, ViralTag will automatically populate this field. If not, type in your URL

Evergreen: Select this option if you want ViralTag to keep posting this pin

Category: Create categories for your pins for easy tracking

Add to Circles: If you already belong to a circle, you can schedule your pin to go to this circle

Clone Post: This is very handy if you want to schedule the same post to another social media network but with a different image size

Schedule: Click this button when you are ready to schedule your posts for multiple dates

Add to Queue: This is a dropdown with two options: ‘Post Now’ and ‘Save to Draft.’

ii. Use the Bulk Upload Feature

This feature allows you to upload several images, write unique descriptions and set a schedule.

schedule pins in bulk on pinterest viraltag feature

Other Things I Love

1. Simple and Clean Interface

viraltag simple interface dashboard2. ViralTag Extension: The ViralTag extension follows you around the web and appears when you mouse over an image. Clicking it takes you directly to your dashboard where you can add the image to your posting schedule.

3. Analytics: Connect your Google Analytics account and view important site analytics

viraltag and google analytics integration

See how you are doing on Pinterest at a glance

pinterest analytics in viraltag dashboard

View your follower growth over time

increase follower growth on Pinterest

You will also see analytics like best times to post, most engaging pins and most engaging boards

most engaging pin pinteresting analytics

4. Team Collaboration: Invite team members and collaborate on your social media plan using the marketing calendar in your dashboard.

5. Free Blogger Plan: I promised I will show you how to get a free account for six (6) months on ViralTag if you stick with me. Glad you did 🙂

Normally, the pricing for a ViralTag plan starts at $29/month or $24/month if you pay annually. But as a blogger, you only need to do two things to get a free 6 months Blogger plan and pay $7 after that.

  • Write an honest ViralTag review
  • Request for your free 6 months Blogger plan

That’s it. If you haven’t already, click here to open your free account on ViralTag

Hope you love this ViralTag review. Don’t forget to share this post, leave a comment or rate this post in 1-click using the 5-star system below.

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Thanks for reading.