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Service based businesses are the easiest businesses to start because you can put up a “hire me” page in 20 minutes and open shop. That is how easy it is to get started.

Also offering a service is a good way to test your idea and get invaluable feedback.

For service based businesses, there are two areas to consider. Is your service going to be people based, for example, content creation or software based, for example, SEO Cost Calculator tool?

It is also important to look into your pricing strategy. A great place to start will be checking industry standards and your closest competitors. The last thing you want to do is run a service based business idea that doesn’t yield significant income.

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50 Service Based Businesses You Can Launch With Minimum Investment

  1. Accounting services
  2. Business Consultant services
  3. Reseller service
  4. DIY Resource Service
  5. Online PR Agency
  6. Headhunter
  7. Web design services
  8. Magazine publishing
  9. Mobile toilet
  10. Toilet Cleaning Services
  11. Fumigation Services
  12. Movers
  13. Maid cleaning service
  14. Car wash
  15. Job search sites
  16. House search sites
  17. Pre-School
  18. Special Needs School
  19. Party rentals
  20. PR services
  21. Lawn mowing service
  22. Market Research
  23. Virtual Assistant
  24. Legal assistant
  25. Career Advice
  26. Business plan
  27. Presentations
  28. Banding services
  29. Marriage counselling
  30. Mobile Messaging Service
  31. Pranks
  32. Stunts
  33. Create Viral videos
  34. Collectibles
  35. Audio transcription services
  36. Content writing services
  37. Recruitment Services
  38. WordPress services
  39. App building
  40. Desktop applications
  41. Messenger Services
  42. Credit card recharge services
  43. Loan services
  44. Video editing services
  45. Blog Critique Services
  46. Landing Page Specialist
  47. Affiliate Marketing Services
  48. Time Management Consultant
  49. Speaking Coach
  50. Stationery Supplier Business

These 50 service based businesses can be launched on a limited budget. What is more important is your strategy and growth plan.