Hosting a one-year-old birthday party will cost you, talk less of a wedding! That’s because the economy is always fluctuating and what you could buy for cheap has now skyrocketed.

If you are looking to organize an event that people will keep talking about months or years from now, keep reading. I can assure you that you won’t need to empty your bank accounts in other to make your event look expensive.

Here are some ideas that will make your event look expensive and get people aaaahing and wahhhing months after they attend. Feel free to use these ideas for any event, like birthdays, weddings, or even a baby christening party.

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1. Throw a Stylish White-Themed Party

You may not know it, but “white” has a thing to it. White is a colour that conveys simplicity and elegance and since everyone will want to get creative with the way they pair their whites, (hello sparkly jewelry) you can be sure that effect will make your party look expensive.

2. Use Colour-Mismatched Arrangements

Using a mismatched arrangement will definitely give your event that elegance and wow-factor. You probably have different colours of plates, tablecloths, vases and normal everyday item. Instead of renting new items, why not save yourself some cash and make it look like you spent a lot of money renting the different colours for your event?

3. Build a Wall

At ease, ladies and gentlemen. You won’t be building the great wall of China. But there is nothing stopping you from building a flower wall, doughnut wall, signature wall or fill-in-the-blank wall?

4. Grand Entrances

The first impression is everything! You can make your event look expensive by organizing a grand entrance and there is no shortage of ideas when using this approach. For example, you can have a famous artiste (an Instagram influencer, comedian or popular local musician will do the trick) make a grand entrance to your event.

5. Use a Playlist

Ultimately, this boils down to the type of event you are hosting, but your choice of music can make your event look and feel expensive.

For example, you may not be able to hire instrumentalist but adding a mix of instrumentals to your playlist can have the same exquisite effect on your guests.

6. Serve Different Appetizers and Desserts

I know. This is a post on clever ways to make your event look expensive so it must mean that we are trying to look expensive on a budget.

And your event can look expensive when you serve different appetizers and desserts. You may even save a lot of money by serving different appetizers or desserts because they will have different costings.

For instance, you can have a mix of small chops and apples as appetizers, but if you had just small chops you would spend way more. By having a mix, your event will look sophisticated and expensive

7. Use Grand Exits

Grand exits have the same effect as grand entrances, only that they have a more surprise element. Just when your guests think there is nothing more to look forward to, you surprise them with a grand exit.


From Sparklers Online

Get ready to make a happy face when you hear comments like “Wow, they must have spent a lot on that party.” 🙂