Want/Need to make/raise a $1000 in 24 hours?

I hear you.

Here are five quick ways you can raise money. They cost $0 to implement so give them a try and get back to me in the comments, okay?

Let’s start with the easiest way on how to make $1000 in 24 hours

1. Ask for it

make money ideas for entrepreneurs

Difficulty: Easy

Things you’ll need

  • Confidence: You are about to ask someone or a few people for a $1000. If you are shy, its going to take a lot but let me just tell you, it can be fun if you are asking for the right reasons.
  • Reason: What do you need the money for? Not two, not three reasons. But what is the one thing you need the money for? You will increase your chances of getting this money if your reason is to double the amount asked for and/or connect emotionally with who you are asking the money from, e.g. most people won’t mind pledging money for a charity

Also, try to be specific about your ask and the result. For example

Not Specific: I need X amount to raise money for my startup

Specific: I need X amount to add ABZ product to my retail store so I can double my profit

  • List your Sources: Who are you asking for money and why would they give you?

Overall, to increase your chances,

Create urgency – once you are out of their mind, it’s difficult to start the “ask” process all over again

Value Exchange – If there is any way you can exchange value for money received, consider that option too.

2. Raise Money Online

how to make money online

You know those connections that you have been carefully building on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms? Time to put them to work.

Difficulty: Medium

Things you’ll need

  • Service: your skill can stand in place of a service to offer, if you don’t have one already. There are plenty of professionals who need what you have and will be happy to get it for a good deal. Got a good deal? You are all set.
  • Email: Remember you can launch a full-time freelance career using just LinkedIn alone, so don’t be afraid to send a pitch to your closest connections. Our goal is to raise a $1000 in one include a timeline for your offer.

Here is a cold pitch email template that you can copy

Repeat on Facebook.

This is a numbers game so be very targeted and at the same time, reach out to a sizeable pool of prospects for best results.

  • Patience: Now the “fun” part – Sit back, relax and wait for responses to your email

3. Challenge

how to make $1000 in 24 hours

Difficulty: Medium – Fairly difficult

Things you’ll need

Idea: For this challenge to work, you need a really good idea or inspiration behind the idea. For example, planning, starting and launching a business in 24 hours and getting your first ten customers is really challenging but its a good idea worth supporting.

The logical approach for most people would of course be to plan, start and launch the business, then get customers. But a better approach would be the other way round.

This is because you can ask for ideas on what business to start [based on people’s needs] and get them to commit before zooming investing time, money and energy into your new business.

Once you decide on the business to start, ask your first ten or twenty customers to make a deposit so you can fulfill their orders. You may be amazed at the number of responses you would get.

The other challenge of course would be getting this people. Same as the idea before. Find them in your phone book, Facebook, Facebook groups [ask for permission if necessary], Instagram, etc.

Execute: The next thing is to fulfill your orders and collect the rest of the payment

4. Garage Sale

garage sale on how to make money this weekend

Difficulty: Medium

Things you’ll need

Old Items: Garage sales are so sad at the beginning because you are parting with items that have served you and that you loved for so long. They are so stressful in the middle especially if its your first garage sale and you have no idea what you are doing. And they are so much fun at the end because people are happily paying for items you no longer need and the money is going to be put to good use someplace else.

To make your garage sale easier and more attractive, team up with people that also have some items to sell and share the workload.

Here is a post with pictures on how to have a garage sale step-by-step

Tags and Price: Tag every item that is on sale to avoid theft and price accordingly [prices are usually less than what you originally bought items for]

Outreach: This is the promotion part of the sale. You can design an online invitation card with canva and send to your friends on Facebook and Whatsapp. Go DIY and design a physical invite to send to church members and any club you belong to. Spread the word. The more people show up, the higher the chances of hitting our $1000 goal.

5. Get Creative: door to door marketing

Difficulty: Difficult

Things you’ll need


The only rules are

  • Dress appropriately
  • Be confident
  • Know your product
  • Don’t give up!

A single sale of your product or service can net you $1000 [or the promise to get your product/service next week for $1000] and the worst that can happen is a No.

Read this post to find out how to do a profitable door-to-door marketing

So, which of these four ideas are you going to try?