Would you like to enjoy the freedom that comes from having a home based business? Are you a stay-at-home mum or dad looking for opportunities to build a business while you take care of your kids? Do you enjoy working on different ideas at the same time? These home-based business ideas have low startup costs and can be started in a weekend.

There are several benefits of working from home. First, you can work on your own time and choose exactly what to work on. To rephrase that, you can work where inspiration hits you first. You don’t enjoy this kind of liberty with a job.

You are also more creative with your finances when you have a home based business because you will be conscious not to eat too deep into your savings. You will also be able to test out your own ideas without waiting three months for an approval. What a relief!

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a home-based business is once you start getting quality leads, especially if your business is online, the entire process can be automated and handed over to a virtual assistant.

Of course, working in your pyjamas, by the pool or at your local coffee shop is the icing on the cake.

Cost of Working from Home

So many blogs talk about how they make $10,000/month working from home 5 hours a week, thereby misleading a lot of entrepreneurs. What they don’t talk about is the real cost of building a home-based business.

Working alone: At the early stages of your business, you may have to work alone and for those who are not used to this, can get quite frustrating.

Working long and hard: ask any business owner and they’ll tell you there is no magic pill to this thing. The first few years of your business will require putting in long hours, maybe longer hours than your regular 40-hour work week. Some entrepreneurs put in 80 – 120 hours their first two years in business.

Burning through your Savings: you may have carefully planned your savings to last you two to three years but don’t be surprised if you quickly burn through your savings. There are so many miscellaneous expenses when building a business.

Investing in your business: at first, you may not see the benefits of registering for those courses. As a matter of fact, you will talk yourself out of investing into anything but continuous education is important for long-term business growth.

Are you doing anything right: this is a phase every business owner will go through and completely unavoidable. While we have outright successes, chances are it will take a while to get your first set of customers, first 1000 blog readers, 1000 email subscribers, and so on.

When you do your quarterly reviews, you will wonder what you missed or if you are doing anything right at all. This is normal.

Let me repeat. This is a very normal reaction.

Your business review will point out your strengths, new opportunities and the things you should do more of. It will also point out weak spots that you should work on or drop because they are low-level activities.

Have it at the back of your mind that building a profitable home-based business can take quite some time and making steady progress is the key to a long-lasting business.

Ready to start your own home-based business? Find the best business ideas below.

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70 Home Based Business Ideas with Low Startup Costs

  1. Laundromat
  2. Daycare services
  3. Babysitting
  4. House Sitting
  5. Pet walking
  6. Survey sites
  7. Product activation
  8. Brand ambassador
  9. Small-scale farming
  10. Game reviews
  11. Personal trainer
  12. Pet grooming
  13. Pet training
  14. Animal massage therapist
  15. Kindle publishing
  16. Blogging
  17. Vlog
  18. Host and manage contests
  19. Product review service
  20. Product Creation
  21. Write Product Descriptions
  22. Study Abroad Program Consultant
  23. Customer Support
  24. Freelance writing
  25. Blog promotion
  26. Media agency
  27. Online Business Developer
  28. Community Management
  29. College Application adviser
  30. Student Adviser
  31. Student Counselling
  32. Gardening
  33. Grant Writing
  34. Video Editing
  35. Photo Editing
  36. Pinterest Management Services
  37. Virtual Assistant
  38. Internet radio
  39. Research Assistant
  40. Graphic Artist
  41. 3D Animator
  42. Sound Mixer
  43. Sound Production
  44. Voice over artiste
  45. Sell Transcription Services
  46. Online Reputation Management
  47. Inbound marketer
  48. Manual and Handbook Writing
  49. Web designer
  50. Website Theme developer
  51. Community Directories
  52. SEO Strategist
  53. Forex trader
  54. Inventor
  55. Real Estate Investor
  56. Vintage Clothing Reseller
  57. Antique Collector
  58. Soap making
  59. Distribution business
  60. Party Rental
  61. Airbnb Host
  62. Property rental
  63. Property Manager
  64. Real estates agent
  65. Interior designer
  66. Build an online platform
  67. Start a Toy Company
  68. Instagram marketing
  69. YouTube Marketing
  70. Podcasting

There you have the best home based business ideas and opportunities with low startup costs.

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