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What drives the web? You guessed it – CONTENT. If you have good writing skills, this is the industry for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times but content indeed is king and brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1200 new leads per month.

Another report from The CMA states that 37% of marketing managers believe the most important channel for engaging customers is content-led websites and 20% of time surfing the internet is spent on content-led websites.

These are jaw-dropping statistics that will help you build a successful business in the writing industry, regardless of your age or location.

You have access to countless opportunities and the internet has now made it easy to get access to millions of readers the minute you hit the publish button

This means you no longer have to:

  • depend on third party to promote your writing business
  • the market segment is wide enough for as many writing businesses as possible
  • there is an added advantage for niche-specific writers so your knowledge will not be a waste

We are in the century where ONLY good adverts don’t cut it anymore. Customers are wiser, have a variety of choices and don’t like to be sold to.

To excel in the writing industry, you need to build credibility and trust.

How to Build Credibility and Trust

– I am a technical writer

– I am a writer

The first one of course, because it is clear what kind of writing you do.

What if English is Not My First Language?

Don’t be discouraged! You can build a successful business in the writing industry with these unique business ideas even if English is not your first language.

Writers that speak multiple languages or a language other than English are in high demand, and this is even a added benefit for you.

Authors need people to translate their book to foreign languages

You can write research papers

Bloggers want to increase blog traffic by translating their blogs to multiple languages

You can partner with a writer that is both fluent in English and in your language to author a children’s book, cookbook, so many ideas here…

Even if you don’t have good writing skills, you can still excel in the writing industry by hiring an editor to look over your work and clean up grammatical errors.

Without further ado, here are the best business ideas in the writing industry.

60 Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs with Good Writing Skills

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  1. Book formatting
  2. Blog writing
  3. Linkedin profile writing
  4. Resume writing
  5. Developmental Edits
  6. Line Editing
  7. Copy Editing
  8. Songwriting
  9. Songwriting Consultant
  10. Scriptwriter
  11. Copywriter
  12. Creative writing
  13. Book publishing
  14. Press release writing
  15. Ghostwriting services
  16. Proofreading business
  17. Translation services
  18. Direct mail copywriter
  19. Magazine Editor
  20. Magazine publisher
  21. Researcher
  22. Academic writing
  23. Legal Writing
  24. Technical Writing
  25. Create a course based on a theme in writing
  26. Scrivener coaching
  27. Ad Copywriter
  28. Create a campaign
  29. Name a Business Services
  30. Greeting cards business
  31. Poem writing
  32. Sell ready sales letter
  33. Writing coach
  34. Content Strategy services
  35. Start a Private Label Rights Business
  36. Design Pinterest Graphics
  37. Brand Management
  38. Publish case studies
  39. Manuals
  40. Handbook
  41. Product descriptions
  42. Kindle publishing
  43. Kindle formatting
  44. Barnes and Nobles Publishing
  45. Barnes and Nobles Formatting Services
  46. Book promotion services
  47. Book review
  48. Book critique services
  49. Proposal writing
  50. Website content
  51. Freelance writing blog
  52. Blogging
  53. Publish and Sell Kindle books
  54. Blog Proposal Writing
  55. Writer Management Services
  56. Build Author websites
  57. Storytelling
  58. Ad Copy
  59. Start a web interview series
  60. Host a Radio Show for Writers

How to Market Your Writing Business

  1. Start a blog
  2. Host a virtual summit
  3. Use Linkedin to Find Clients
  4. Do these 50 things to get additional new clients every month
  5. These 44 product bonus ideas will pull in extra sales and income
  6. Read how 33 experts built successful businesses
  7. Raise a $1000 for your business within 24 – 72 hours

Make sure you read these posts because they will help increase your credibility and influence as a writer or someone with a business in the writing industry.

So, did I miss any steps? What other ideas can you contribute to this list? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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