Talk about diversity and think the food industry. In Nigeria alone, I can count 100 food recipes off the top of my head, not to mention that across the world, there are 2000 plants cultivated by humans for food, hence the need to write this list of food business ideas.

You may delay a property investment or buying a new car, but you cannot deny yourself of food. It’s a bestselling industry.

There are also different activities in the food industry including the growing, supply, transportation and catering of food products and services all over the world, so there are different options to get involved and profit from this industry.


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Here are 60 Food Business Ideas that you can Start with Low Investment

  1. Bar and restaurant
  2. Food delivery business
  3. Canned food business
  4. Food packaging business
  5. Pizza hut
  6. Start a Taco Bar
  7. Local farmers market
  8. Smoothie business
  9. Start a cold room
  10. Start a egg delivery business
  11. Be a weight loss coach/nutritionist
  12. Natural Healing Business
  13. Ice Cream Truck
  14. Mobile Restaurant
  15. Bakery business
  16. Food retail business
  17. Food Importation Business
  18. Food Exportation Business
  19. Clearing and Forwarding Business
  20. Condensed Milk Production
  21. Cheese Making
  22. Egg Delivery Business
  23. Bread delivery business
  24. Corporate Food Planning
  25. Food Planner
  26. Start a Fitness Centre
  27. Food photography
  28. Organic food packs
  29. Snacks
  30. Yoghurt
  31. Food shed
  32. Candy making
  33. Buffet Restaurant
  34. Event catering
  35. Cooking School
  36. Bed and Breakfast
  37. Chinese Restaurant
  38. Italian Restaurant
  39. African Restaurant
  40. Coffee Shop
  41. Brew Pub
  42. Food Event
  43. Wine Tasting Event
  44. Wine Store
  45. Beer delivery
  46. Fast food
  47. Chocolate Factory
  48. Fodder Production
  49. Baby food production
  50. Can foods company
  51. Bottle Manufacturer
  52. Food research
  53. Pasta Production
  54. Flour Manufacturing
  55. Baking Powder manufacturing
  56. BBQ Catering Services
  57. Cold room
  58. Soup Joint
  59. Seafood Mart
  60. Fast food

Since this industry is huge and some ideas may involve more capital, here are some other options to consider:

  • Acquisitions
  • Co-Ownership
  • Exit Strategy

I hope you loved reading this post and get to launch your dream food business.