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According to Modeling Wisdom, a fashion model should be 5’9″ – 6″ tall, about 16 – 21 years of age and use the measurements 32″ – 36″ for bust, 22″ – 26″ for waist and 33″ – 35″ for hips.

You, however do not need to meet those strict requirements before you build a successful business from these fashion business ideas.

Gone are the days when getting into the fashion industry was in the hands of a select few. These days, anyone can make use of the resources available to them and even source for more if necessary to build a uber successful fashion business.

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This is because some things never change:

  • People will continue to fall in love and get married – Wedding gowns, anyone???
  • There will always be fashion shows – let’s go shopping!!!
  • There will always be local events – we need branded t-shirts, who do we call?
  • My tailor keeps messing up my dress, what do I do? – buy patterns and sew myself, right!
  • We’ll simply get tired of some clothes and throw them away – LIFE
  • We will get new jobs or get so busy and need a personal shopper – the celeb status
  • We’ll get bored and take a course in fashion photography – my personal development goals
  • The agents will come looking when I get 1,000,000 followers – Instagram, here I come.

Turns out the fashion industry is one that ties into our day-to-day lives and that we must patronize frequently whether we choose to or not.

This industry is also fast-paced, fickle and profitable.

What’s more important is that you are determined to succeed in this business, build the right relationships, attract quality clients and never stop learning

70 Fashion Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

BONUS IDEAS: Be an Instagram Fashion Icon by:

Posting funny pictures of yourself – CHECK

Wearing cloths by designers and tagging them on Instagram – CHECK

Posting make up videos, makeup tutorials, skin care tips or hair styles – CHECK

Promoting your channel and building a following – CHECK

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  1. Personal Shopper
  2. Start your own label
  3. Fashion blog
  4. Illustrator
  5. Teach people to illustrate
  6. Teach people to sew
  7. Wardrobe consultant
  8. Start a Fashion TV Channel
  9. Research fashion fads and trends so you have enough information to publish a book
  10. Be a Model
  11. Start a photography business
  12. Tie-Dye Designer
  13. Wedding gown designer
  14. Pattern Maker
  15. Sample Maker
  16. Sell patterns
  17. Hat making and headpiece
  18. Bag making
  19. Belt buckles
  20. Sunglasses designer
  21. Hair Dye
  22. Vintage Clothing
  23. Alterationist
  24. Lingerie line
  25. Tailoring
  26. Sell Curtains
  27. Sew draperies
  28. Drapery store
  29. Hand beading service
  30. Wedding gown rentals
  31. Bathing Suits
  32. Children’s Clothing
  33. Fashion Show
  34. Fashion Exhibition
  35. Modelling Agency
  36. Ushering Service
  37. Dry Cleaning
  38. Textile Shop
  39. Yarn Shop
  40. Knitting Shop
  41. Sweatshops
  42. Shoe Repair
  43. Leather fashion
  44. Mass produce a design
  45. Start a new trend
  46. Coral beads store
  47. Maternity wear line
  48. Italian Fashion store
  49. High end designer store
  50. Ecommerce store
  51. Start a fashion school
  52. Sew factory worker uniforms
  53. Cloth Hangers/Convertible wardrobes
  54. Suitcases
  55. Perfume
  56. Doll line
  57. Doll clothing
  58. Flipflop line
  59. Jewelery designer
  60. Haute Couture Services
  61. School Uniform Design
  62. School Uniform Production
  63. Sell general merchandise goods – Cloth retailing
  64. Sell used clothes
  65. Export Used Clothes
  66. Import Used Clothes
  67. Translate Fashion Videos to other languages
  68. Embroidery Designer
  69. Embroidery Design Services
  70. Design Instructor

Do you like these fashion business ideas? Which of these ideas are you interested in?