According to a report from Meeting Professionals Worldwide, MPI, about 1.8 Million meetings and events occur in the US each year. With the number of events held all year round, the event industry is booming. Would you like to start a business in the event industry? Here are 50 profitable event business ideas you can invest in

Quick Highlight

Do not underestimate this industry. I want to encourage you to take a big bold step to start a business in this industry based on this crazy fact from MPI:

“Meetings and events contribute more to the GDP than air transportation, motion picture, sound recording, performing arts and the spectator sport industry” – culled from MPI report

50 Event Business Ideas You Can Start Today

  1. Virtual Summits
  2. Children show party planner
  3. Event catering
  4. Event ushering service
  5. Event videography and photography services
  6. Event decorations
  7. Cake making and decoration 
  8. Florist
  9. Cleaning services business
  10. Book Expos
  11. Corporate Meeting Planner
  12. Wedding party planner
  13. Festival planner
  14. Festival promoter
  15. Fund raising events
  16. Career Expos
  17. Reality TV shows
  18. Local event planner
  19. Entertainment Booking agent
  20. Holiday Decoration
  21. Book Launch Event
  22. Event Reporter
  23. Party Rental Services
  24. State/Government luncheon
  25. Event Proposal Writer
  26. Event Magazine
  27. Wedding Consultant
  28. Street Event Promoter
  29. Carnival Planner
  30. Event branding
  31. Organize family reunions
  32. Plan professional development conferences
  33. Product launches
  34. Book tour
  35. Music tour
  36. Incentives trip
  37. Online Conferencing
  38. Seminar Speaker
  39. Political campaign planning
  40. Award ceremonies
  41. Meet and Greet
  42. Plan Mixer parties
  43. Convention
  44. Tech conference
  45. Trade shows
  46. Birthday event
  47. Fashion show
  48. Gallery show
  49. Anniversary
  50. Corporate dinner

These 50 event business ideas can be started on a low budget and you don’t have any excuse to not start. If you don’t know which idea to go for, remember it has been proven your ideas fall into four categories and there is a category you should avoid at all cost.

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