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Some years ago, Justin Bieber was another singer on YouTube trying to break into the music scene, and he did, alright.

You know that girl from the block? Well, her skit went viral and she just got contacted by Wendy Williams for a special On-Air appearance.

The entertainment industry is ridiculous [ahah, I don’t mean that in a bad way]! You never know what will happen the next minute. For example, see how Wizkid made so much money with his music business and start using it to make money this year too.

A business in this industry means that you follow the latest trends, build relationships on an ongoing basis and never, ever give up.

It also doesn’t matter which entertainment business idea you run with, you can benefit from this big advice.

My Big Advice

Get a mentor fast! Ideally, your mentor should be someone you look up to, with a certain level of achievement and has some contacts in the industry.

My second big advice would be to never release anything to the general public without getting quality feedback.

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70+ Entertainment Business Ideas

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  1. Start a record label
  2. Be a music distributor
  3. Teach music at local schools
  4. Start a music blog
  5. Be an MC for events
  6. Organize local events for local celebrities
  7. Be a talent hunter
  8. DJ
  9. Start a social club
  10. Be a voice coach
  11. Cartoonist
  12. Jingles
  13. Sound Effects
  14. Disc jockey
  15. Producer
  16. Music promotion
  17. Music Critique business
  18. Start a music channel
  19. Actors portfolio
  20. Acting classes
  21. Dance classes
  22. Salsa dance instructor
  23. Cultural dance instructor
  24. Standup Comedian
  25. Magician
  26. Studio rental
  27. Auctioneer
  28. Songwriting
  29. Directing
  30. Cinematographer
  31. Sound effects
  32. Bar
  33. Instrumentalist
  34. Kareoke bar
  35. Script writing
  36. Video Editing
  37. Gymnastics
  38. Mimic
  39. Online MP3 download
  40. Sound engineer for home parties
  41. Entertainment blog
  42. Youtube Personality
  43. Socialite
  44. Comedy strips
  45. Commentator
  46. Entertainment writing
  47. Gossip blog
  48. Product Reviews
  49. Voice over artiste
  50. Radio presenter
  51. Television Presenter
  52. Artist Management
  53. Listening Parties
  54. Band leader
  55. Ballet school
  56. Private car rental service
  57. Private boat rental service
  58. Martial arts instructor
  59. Boxing centre
  60. Tour Guide
  61. Lightning experts
  62. Bartender hire
  63. Modelling agency
  64. Party Entertainer
  65. Party entertainment services
  66. Entertainment Deals Site
  67. Street entertainer
  68. Trophies
  69. Festival promoter
  70. Business Name agency
  71. Entertainment shows
  72. Book Expos
  73. Storytelling

Woah, that’s a lot of entertainment business ideas to work with.

As with any business, it’s important to have a long-term strategy for growth and hosting a virtual summit will help build your brand faster. In upcoming posts, I will pick each of these ideas and expand on them, so don’t forget to subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already.