The education industry is a unique industry because it is the industry that shapes our thinking. Education has extended beyond classroom learning to the internet. With the education business ideas featured below, you can create your syllabus, record educational videos, edit and upload them all from the comfort of your home.

An online course platform like Thinkific can help you host all your educational materials and get questions from students.

If you love to impart knowledge to others, you will enjoy building a business in the education industry. Here is the ultimate list of education business ideas you can explore.

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65 Education Business Ideas 

  1. Create a mastermind program
  2. Create a membership class
  3. Open a Driving School
  4. Local sports learning centre
  5. Be a Subject-matter tutor
  6. Be a GMAT instructor
  7. Start a coaching business
  8. Export educational products
  9. Import new educational materials not available in your country
  10. Vocational school
  11. Write a book
  12. Organize monthly masterclass
  13. Create a joint venture partnership around a particular subject
  14. Sell academic materials
  15. Open a Creche
  16. Start a pay-as-you-go tutor centre
  17. Finishing school
  18. Swim instructor
  19. Music school
  20. Driving School
  21. Truck driving school
  22. Voice coaching school
  23. Start a music school
  24. Start a specialty school
  25. Printing school
  26. Fashion School
  27. Design school
  28. Animation school
  29. Special kids school
  30. Telemarketing school
  31. Adult school
  32. Computer school
  33. Start a multi-language school
  34. Open a French school club
  35. Sell Educational materials like Whiteboards
  36. Start a camping school
  37. Children coaching
  38. Be a career counselor
  39. Start an educational radio show
  40. Start a plant discovery channel
  41. Start an animal discovery channel
  42. Open a cultural centre
  43. Start an educational outsourcing company
  44. Bicycle safety school
  45. First aid school
  46. Start a homeschooling service
  47. Open a library
  48. Open an old book borrow centre
  49. Sell old books
  50. Start a spelling school
  51. Start a local art school
  52. Start a book research business
  53. Start a legal research business
  54. Start a corporate training school
  55. Start an entrepreneurial college
  56. Educational software
  57. Mentorship program
  58. Internship placement programs
  59. Social support program
  60. Speaking school
  61. Excursions program
  62. Start an events training school
  63. Start a catering school
  64. Produce exercise books 
  65. Open a Chinese school in a foreign country [be sure to check legal requirements]

There you go! 65 Unique Education business ideas and you can pick anyone to run with. I will be writing a detailed post on each of the ideas over the coming weeks so don’t forget to bookmark this page or better still, subscribe to my mailing list and you will never miss a post.

Which business idea are you most excited to launch?