weight watchers, splurge on this dessert recipes while keeping your weight in check

Losing weight does not imply that you have to miss out on anything sweet. You just have to find the right dessert recipes for weight loss! The appropriate desserts for people who are undergoing weight loss include healthy ingredients which are high in fiber, low in carbs and high protein value.

Skinny Banana Choc Chip Cookies

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Made with whole wheat flour, the chocolate melts in your mouth as you taste the banana. Delicious and very healthy, check out the recipe here on Ambitious kitchen

Baked Apples

This baked apples recipe is easy enough for tonight, but doubles as the perfect dessert for friends and family

Very easy and quick to make, it sort creates a caramelized look to the apple. It tastes just as good as it looks. Recipe available here on Inspired Taste

 Avocado Banana Chocolate Pudding (ABC pudding)

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Avocado is loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, banana is high in potassium and cocoa powder which helps the body produce nitric acid which improves blood flow. All together is a delicious, nutritious dessert. Find preparation procedure at Fertility Chef

Frozen Grapes

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They are great for snacking in the hot afternoon. Grapes are delicious and they help you avoid higher-calorie junk food while you lose weight. The recipe is available on The Spruce

Watermelon and Peach Fresh Fruit Cake

Fresh Fruit "Cake" // Not Without Salt

Very easy to make and it is perfect for a cool evening. Watermelon lowers the blood pressure while peach contains lots of calories and no fat. Delicious, and very healthy. Find the recipe at Not Without Salt

Pear and Chocolate

Slices of pear dipped in melted dark chocolate and vanilla. Pear contains dietary fiber and is one of the very low-calorie fruits. Divine! The recipe can be found here on women’s health mag.

3 Ingredient Energy Bars

The sweetness of the cherries and date infused with the nuttiness of the almonds which contain healthy fat. A delight. See the recipe on thekitchn

Matcha (green tea) Banana Icecream

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Matcha tea burns calories and detoxifies the body. This dessert is light, tasty and very healthy too. OhHowCivilized shows you how to make one at home.