Did you get through your first month of blogging? Hats off to you.

It’s easy to make a blogging commitment but sticking to it? That’s the hard part.

While you may not hit 70% of your goals, hitting quite a few can be a strong motivator to never give up.

Since Ontreprenr was officially a month old on October 7th [this post is a little late], I thought the web is already overflowing with traffic and income report, why not celebrate the acheivements in my first month of blogging …

Truth is, people wait for the big wins before they celebrate and that’s why many quit before their idea starts to take shape.

Even if you only ticked 10 or 20 off this list, your blog is still a great success!

Without further ado, here are the 30 things to celebrate in your first month of blogging

  1. Purchasing a domain name and hosting: the next big step after naming your blog is to find out if your domain name is available. You can check if your domain name is available on bluehost. 

Click here to get a domain name for only $3.95 

 They also have several resources online to get you started, 24/7 live chat and great customer service.

Purchasing your domain name and hosting is the first thing to celebrate in your first month of blogging because you have just made the first and biggest step in your journey as a blogger. I’m happy I did 🙂

  1. Installing WordPress: There are different Content Management System [CMS] you can opt for including Joomla, Drupal and WordPress but I recommend WordPress because it is the easiest to use and with the thousands of free plugins available in their plugins library, it’s best suited for the purpose of blogging.
  2. Publishing your first post: Do you remember the first time you told anyone a secret?

It felt good. That is the same feeling you get when you hit publish on your first post. Really, really good to just share with the world. Maybe someone would stumble on your post and you would change their lives forever, or they’d be your biggest fan.

You also felt scared sharing that secret. Would they judge you? As bloggers, we are constantly worried about how people would judge our writing or if our writing style is perfect compared to blogger B or if your post as a grammatical error [maybe you spot one already :)].

Don’t worry about it. As long as you don’t stop learning, you can be sure your writing will improve and you’ll eventually find your voice. Hitting publish on that blog post is a big achievement worth celebrating in your first month of blogging because its a confirmation that you are now officially a blogger.

Since I got a 1700% increase in my mailing list pre-ONTREPRENR, it was only logical that my first blog post was virtual-summit related.

FIRST POST ON ONTREPRENR: 7 Traits of a Great Virtual Summit Host

4. Properly set up at least three social media channels: The one mistake that could put your blogging career in jeopardy is spreading yourself too thin.

Pick three channels or even one, master it, before moving on to the next. It’s crazy how you can quickly get caught up in setting up ten different banner sizes, building relationships, getting followers and scheduling post for ten different platforms. Pick only three channels at most and stick with it.

At the moment, ONTREPRENR is focused on building followers on two social media channels: Pinterest and Twitter.

Groups: Facebook and LinkedIn, Pinterest boards



If I get Facebook likes as a result of being active on Facebook groups, even better but I am not focused on likes at the moment.

5. Created an Editorial Calendar: With an editorial calendar, you know what to publish when, and it’s a great way to avoid writers block because your content is planned out in advance. Its quite easy to create one but finding the time can be difficult.

If you managed to create your editorial calendar in your first month of blogging and you stick to it, its worth celebrating. If you haven’t created one yet, you can download an editorial calendar template from CoSchedule here

6. Getting your first ten followers on each of those channels: I’ve heard a number of times that you get your first 10 followers, then 100, 1000 and 10,000. If you can get your first ten followers, then you can get 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. You just need to scale your system.

Bear in mind that a month is only 30 days. In this 30 days, you also have a life outside your blog. Some bloggers have kids, a full-time job, a major project, or simply can’t commit to 12/hour per day working on their blogs.

It’s great that you set goals for your blog and if you did, is because you are serious about it but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet your goals. That said, I have a simple strategy for my social media channels. Post/Pin regularly, gain followers as a result, follow others and hope that they follow back.

Social Media Channels for ONTREPRENR

Before Sep 7        by Oct 7          Strategy

Pinterest: 4         200                 Pin 36x a day, every 10 mins between 2-4 & 8-10

Twitter: 10          150                  Post 4x per day, every hour between 11 – 4

Facebook: 0        36                    Share my post on FB page once published

7. Your first comment: Getting blog comments is a sign that people are engaged with your post and that they enjoy your style of writing.

My plan from the start was to disable comments on ONTREPRENR for a number of reason. First is, the direction for the site. I wanted it to be a place where you get practical strategies to launch your business online and visit over and over again. If you loved the post, you take two actions. You shared it and/or sent me an email.

There are more reasons and there are already several blogs that disabled comments on their blog and have written monster posts about it so I won’t go into it here.

Imagine my surprise when I didn’t get a single comment on my blog! Honestly, I was really hoping that I would though I didn’t set out to have comments on the blog.

It just goes to show that your mindset is very important in your business. Your thoughts play an important role in your success. Read Sylviane Nuccio’s comment about your mindset and business here.

What I initially planned to happen was what happened! I connected with amazing peeps like Scrivs from Obstacle.co, joined different Facebook groups, and I also got my first comment as an email.

Blogging is worth it. If you are not blogging yet, not only are you leaving money on the table, you are leaving valuable relationship, experience and opportunities. You can get started for only $12/year on bluehost and they have 24/7 live chat and an incredible customer support.

8. Your first 30 shares: Don’t you think it incredible to get a share every day in your first month of blogging? It is.

I didn’t have a specific share goal for the blog but I wanted one post to have at least 100 shares. I hope one of my blog posts go viral but I wasn’t counting on it. Most of the time new bloggers get 1000’s of share their first month of blogging if one of their blog post goes viral or mini-viral but if that doesn’t happen to you, don’t let it bother you. It’s only the first month!

I hit one of my share goal without going viral!

I did this by building my social media channels and sharing my posts on social media.

Most shared blog post: 111

first post to cross 100 shares on ONTREPRENR

A week before ONTREPRENR clocked one month, a bloggers worst nightmare happened. My site got wiped! Keep reading to get all the details and how I relaunched the site from scratch a week later.

9. Your first 100 visitors: That’s approximately 3 visitors every day for the first 30 days.

If you had a pre-launch plan, worked on your blog at least one hour daily, then it is pretty easy to hit this goal.

I had over 500 visitors my first month of blogging. That’s not a lot but considering I went slow and steady and didn’t promote most posts as I would love to, I’d say I didn’t do so bad.

I am actually working with my web developer and taking on a small number of clients to set up their blogs. If the details of setting up your blog is the reason why you have not started blogging, I offer professional blog setup services starting at just $300. It’s a steal. Click here to get started.

10. Your first 200 views: Let’s do a simple math. If you are able to get 100 visitors to your site and each of those visitors clicked through to read a second post, you would easily get 200 views. If each visitor read an additional blog post, you would get 300 views.

The goal is to reduce bounce rate [the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page], and increase retention on your site by writing targeted, long-form content, ideally between 700 – 2000 word blog posts and getting feedback from your audience

Traffic report


11. Your First Five Genuine Connections: The relationships you build as you grow your blog is very important to the success of your blog. The right connections can lead to new clients, accoutability partners, and even new opportunities.

12. You get your first retweet, repin and like: I have and every blogger needs to celebrate this.

I think the problem is, we try to compare ourselves with others and when we don’t have as much achievement, we think we failed. But the truth is, we won’t move at the same pace. That is not how life works. The most important thing is you keep doing, keep learning and keep tweaking until you find what works for you

13. Getting your first email subscriber: I got my first email subscriber. I activated the plugin on the site but since my autoresponder is not properly set up yet, I have not been very active with collecting subscribers. I hope I up my game soon enough

14. Your first client: The part you have been waiting for. Getting a client from a blog you start for $12/year is amazing.

It’s only the first month and I don’t have a client to show for it yet, but here is what I did to earn my first dollar on this blog.

15. Earning your first $: My first dollar didn’t come directly from the blog but as a result of the activities used to promote the blog.

I made $25 in my first month of blogging from a promo thread on Facebook.

It was a call for copywriters, so I all I did was fill a form, included samples and I was contacted to write a test post for $25.


16. Your first invite to a round-up post: Woot! I got invited to a round-up post. There are different types of round-up posts but the idea is the same – compiling facts or responses around a particular subject/question, usually in the experts’ niche and publishing it on your blog

A roundup post will increase my brand exposure and send extra traffic to my blog. And I may also get invited to other round-up posts as a result

17. Your first round-up post: If it’s your first month of blogging and you are able to pull off a round-up post with all the craziness going on, you are indeed a genius.

Amongst the hundreds of things I had to do to launch by September [ONTREPRENR was supposed to launch October], I was still able to publish a round-up post.

I spent roughly 60 hours between pitching, gathering responses and publishing and I was able to get 33 contributors from different industries like Food, Travel, Internet marketing, Health and Fitness to contribute. If you want ultimate business insights to grow your business, I suggest you read the post. It is also my most shared post.

33 Ultimate Business Insights from Successful Online Entrepreneurs

18. Pitching your first client: I didn’t pitch any clients in my first month of blogging.

19. Your first branded graphics: This is a major goal for me in my second month of blogging. I already have a design in mind. Something simple but it works just fine

20. Getting your first guest-post published: I failed at this one. I didn’t publish a single guest-post even though I had plans to publish at least three.

If it’s your first month blogging, guest post is good for getting your blog noticed, for link juice and building new relationships both with other bloggers and readers.

21. Getting accepted in a group board/added to a Twitter list: Yup, I got added to some twitter lists and I am also a contributor to least 10 group boards on Pinterest. Considering I had to find and reach out to board owners via email and stay consistent with posting on Twitter to get these results, I’d say it’s worth celebrating.

22. Going viral: Nothing to report here but going viral is great for your blog. You quickly ramp up page visits and views and may also make a profit as a result, either from ad views or affiliate links.

23. Setting up an auto-responder series: Your email list is so important. Granted, I have a previous email list from hosting a virtual summit but I have not been using it because I wanted to do ONTREPRENR separately but imagine if you had a list of 10,000 subscribers …

I don’t have an active auto-responder yet but its a major goal for me this month.

24. Including an email sign-up form on your blog: You can add an email opt-in to your blog in less than five minutes with a free plugin like Sumo. Yet, growing a mailing list is not top priority for some bloggers. And it should.

If you have 10,000 people on your mailing list for example, that is 10,000 people you can promote your new blog post to without paying a dime. An email list is an incredible asset to your business.

25. Getting accepted by ad networks: Didn’t hit my goal here. I actually though somehow I was going to get 30,000 views this month and get accepted into an premium ad network but that didn’t happen.

Getting accepted into a premium ad network is definitely worth celebrating in your first month as a blogger.

26. Launching a service: I did. Infact, I created a services page and included four services – Content Creation, Copywriting, Virtual Summit Coaching and Professional Blog Setup.

27. Launching a product: I didn’t. There was zero time for me to do this. This is also not a major focus for me at this time. I have other things in the works and on the long run asides writing a new book, I’d prefer licensing a product instead of creating one from scratch.

28. Creating a plan: I cannot stress enough how important a pre-launch plan was to my blog. I did most of my writing before I actually launched the blog and I only had to go through to some edits before publishing the posts

29. Your consistency: consistency is key if you want to turn your blog into a business and if you were consistent with publishing and promoting your blog, then it’s worth celebrating.

30. Not quitting: Oh. Do. Not. Quit.

I was transferring to an advanced plan with my hosting when I mistakenly wiped my database clean. My site wasn’t back up so there was no way I could retrieve my posts.

Thankfully, Google had cached my posts and I was able to copy and paste the post into a word doc before re-publishing them. Some of the shares was gone but some remained and all I had to do was format the post, include relevant links and republish. By working extra hard I was able to republish my site and I am glad everything is back to normal.

It was the easiest thing for me to quit at that point but I didn’t because quitting is not a part of the plan for this blog.

It doesn’t sound like much of an achievement but if you’ve gone through your first month as a blogger and you are still motivated and have already started your journey into the second month, then it’s worth celebrating.

As I said earlier, you may not have achieved all thirty things listed here, but even if you only achieved ten, it is really worth celebrating. Take a deep breathe because there is still second, third, fourth, tenth, twelfth month of blogging.

You will do just fine!

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