Need business ideas that you can start at home for a small investment? The beauty industry, also known as the cosmetics industry is a very attractive industry that you should consider starting a business in. Largely because, everyone including children and adults want to look beautiful and they express this in different ways.

While some place emphasis on how they look, others place emphasis on how they feel or smell, presenting a big opportunity for those who want to invest in this industry.

Even in economic downturns, it is not unusual to visit the mall to pick a lipstick or buy deodorant because there are some things we just can’t do without yea? ūüôā

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Some Quick Facts You Need to Know

  1. The beauty industry generated $56.2 billion in the United States
  2. At 24%, hair care products represents the largest part of the beauty industry
  3. A recent survey reveals that of women who wear makeup, almost half started wearing it between the ages of 14 and 16 (51%), yet more than a quarter of women began using it between the ages of 11 and 13 (27%)
  4. Chief driver of growth and revenue include products focused on aging population, babies and young children; and men

What You Need to Start a Business in the Cosmetics Industry

An Understanding of the Market: which makeup products are the best? which retailers should you work with? when is the peak season? when do sales decline? how can you get the best price on products?

Competitor Study: it’s very important you study the people already in the business. Find out the reason why people like to buy from them, their line of¬†products, fast-moving products and how they promote their business in on and off peak periods.

Free Samples: Free samples help you test the product and show it to your customers to be sure they are interested before you invest money in purchasing products.

You may also need to contact companies directly and check their requirement for sending you free samples.

Capital:¬†Most of the business ideas below require little to no investment. The beauty of the beauty industry ūüėČ is your contacts can play a big role in helping you land clients. However, if you want to fast track¬†your growth, you need¬†capital.

Your initial investment can be used for:

Business Activities: Majority of revenue in the beauty industry come from product sales and franchising. You need to actively market your brand and find the channels that drive fast growth for your business.

There are 40 great ideas here but you need to choose the best one for you. Here is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to  pick your most profitable business idea.

40 Beauty Industry Business Ideas and Opportunities

  1. Makeup distributor
  2. Beauty palour
  3. Make up artist
  4. High-end Skin care line
  5. Hair stylist
  6. Beauty blog
  7. Beauty TV Channel
  8. Beauty school
  9. Herbal skin care line
  10. Weight loss coach
  11. Beauty Planner
  12. Body piercing
  13. Beauty YouTube personality
  14. Makeup Reviewer
  15. Cosmetics brand ambassador
  16. Skin care consultant
  17. Spa and Massage centre
  18. Fitness centre
  19. Organic product line
  20. Hair growth formula
  21. Human hair and Weaves store
  22. Home service beauty attendant
  23. Hair removal service
  24. Cosmetics fair
  25. Image consultant
  26. Etiquette training
  27. Massage therapist
  28. Tanning salon
  29. Perfume
  30. Hair specialist
  31. Accessories
  32. Confidence coach
  33. Production of homemade soap
  34. Production of baby wipes
  35. Style Coach
  36. Cartoon character styling
  37. Costume makeup
  38. Vintage make up artist
  39. Sale of Hair Dyes
  40. Head Wraps

These are the best business ideas in the beauty industry aka cosmetic industry that you can start and drive huge revenue.

And the only things that you need to get started are what I mentioned in the beginning of the article and

  • A laptop
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Contacts

Start from where you are and make steady progress.

My fave advice:

“Do five things everyday to move your business forward”