You have probably watched those kiddies shows and the beautiful things that can be born out of design, arts and crafts. But, this industry is not for kids only. That is why I have rounded up the best art and craft ideas for adults that you can try today!

If you are also looking to start a business, this industry can be very profitable.

  • First, a business in this industry thrives on word of mouth.
  • Even if you are just a beginner with any of the ideas below, you can quickly learn online.
  • The materials you need to get started (e.g. bead making) can be purchased in a local store near you or on Amazon
  • You can start with zero investment: That’s right. You don’t need any money to get started because you can take orders from customers and use their money to purchase the materials you need ūüôā

Here are a couple of things to bear in mind in order to maximize your ROI:

Understand your Niche: Who are the top players? What makes them stand out? What is missing in their service that you can take advantage of?

Write a Business Plan: Download this beautiful business plan workbook that I already put together for you. Just enter your name and email in the popup and I will send it straight to your inbox.

Your business plan should include your business objectives, financial planning, marketing plan, etc and will help you accelerate the launch of your start-up.

Set a Goal: What exactly is your short term and long term goal? What would make this business worth it? As a rule of thumb, if you get your first three clients (and turn them into repeat clients) in your first three months of business, you are doing amazingly well.

Start Now:¬†Don’t wait. Choose one of the design, arts and crafts ideas below and get started.

If you don’t know which to choose, remember your idea can fall into four categories. Go read this post to¬†make sure you choose the best business idea.

If you already know which idea you are going with, here are 50 ways to grow your business and sign up more clients.

60 Art and Craft Ideas for Adults

  1. Bead making
  2. Interior decorator
  3. Shoe making
  4. Product Photography
  5. Florist
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Furniture design
  8. Printing business
  9. Sound designer
  10. Wire walking
  11. Magician
  12. Actor
  13. Art collector
  14. 3d animator
  15. Painting
  16. Nail stickers 
  17. Wallpaper
  18. Infographics designer
  19. Logo designer
  20. Cartoon artist
  21. Vector tracing
  22. Banner ad designer
  23. Color artist
  24. Book Cover designer
  25. Ceramics 
  26. Candle maker
  27. Knitter
  28. Tie Dye Designer
  29. Aso – Oke designer
  30. T-Shirt Designer
  31. Party Gift Designer
  32. Local Arts Decorator
  33. Wool making
  34. Illustrator
  35. Comics
  36. Caricature artist
  37. Alterationist
  38. Personal Shopper
  39. Jewellery designer
  40. Body painter/artist
  41. Speaker
  42. Presenter
  43. Toy designer
  44. Pattern maker
  45. Quilting
  46. Book collector
  47. Fiction writing
  48. Creative writing
  49. Script-writing
  50. Dance instructor
  51. Sculptor
  52. Motif designer
  53. Music
  54. Voice coaching
  55. Welding
  56. Goldsmith
  57. Metal work
  58. Sunglasses designer
  59. Embroidery Business
  60. Swimwear designer
  61. Modelling
  62. Stage design
  63. Set designer
  64. Calligraphy
  65. Woodwork
  66. Pottery
  67. Stand-up Comedy
  68. Pattern maker
  69. Portfolio/photo album designer
  70. Web designer
  71. Costume Designer

Congratulations on taking the first big step to finding a fun, profitable business idea in the art and craft¬†industry. Don’t forget to do FIVE things everyday to move your business forward. You will earn the reward in no time and it will all be worth it.