According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), there are more than 570 million farms in the world; and the demand for an agriculture business, whether crop cultivation or animal farming, keeps increasing as the world population grows at an alarming rate.

There are also several benefits of starting a farm business.

  • It is profitable: There is nothing to waste when you are a farmer. Take for instance if you have a Sheep rearing business. The sheep can be reared for meat, wool and the horns can be collected as local ornaments
  • You don’t require a special degree: B.Sc in Agriculture, ehm ehm, Nope
  • You can start in a weekend: Have a small backyard? You can cultivate tomatoes. Don’t have a backyard? You can plant Aloe Vera in pots
  • Requires low investment: Sure, large scale farming require high investment but you don’t need high investment to start a farm. You can get the seeds to start your first farm from a friend, neighbour or buy at a very low rate
  • Eat what you plant: Save money and eat what you grow or rear
  • Healthy Living: The satisfaction of knowing the condition in which your food is grown or reared

This post will help you choose the best business idea from this huge list, and if your business is not growing as fast as you’d like, this post will show you 44 bonus ideas for extra sales and income.

Without further ado, here are the most highly lucrative agriculture business ideas you can start:

60 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas

  1. Start an Aquarium Business
  2. Start a Goat Farming Business
  3. Start a Sheep Rearing Business
  4. Raise Diary Cows
  5. Start a Sugarcane Farm
  6. Grow Vegetables for Profit
  7. Mushroom Cultivation for Profit
  8. Grow Sunflowers for Profit
  9. Start a Pig Rearing Business
  10. Start a Catfish Farm
  11. Start a Snail Farming Business
  12. Start a Poultry Business
  13. Sell Fodder for Profits
  14. Start a Biofuel Production Business
  15. Grow Pumpkins for Profit
  16. Start a Wheat Farming Business
  17. Grow Spices from your Backyard
  18. Start a Charcoal Exportation Business
  19. Start a Basket Weaving Business
  20. Start a Weed Clearing Services Business
  21. Start a Homemade Farm Disinfectant Line
  22. Invest in a Farm Property. You can also farm online and get up to 25% returns on investment
  23. Start an Egg Supply Business
  24. Start a Hatchery
  25. Rear Turkey for Profit
  26. Rear Rabbit for Profit
  27. Start a Raw Meat Business
  28. Grow herbs for Profit
  29. Start a Shrimp Farm
  30. Export Farm Produce
  31. Start a Horticulture Business
  32. Start an Animal Shelter
  33. Start a Flour Mill Business
  34. Start a Fried Chips Business
  35. Grow Cashew nuts for Profit
  36. Grow Avocados for Profit
  37. Grow Tomatoes for Profit
  38. Grow Aloe Vera for Profit
  39. Palm wine Distribution Business
  40. Lease Farming Equipment
  41. Duck Rearing Business
  42. Breed Ornamental birds for Profit
  43. Coconut Oil Production
  44. Process and package local foods 
  45. Custard Production
  46. Organic Fertilizer
  47. Jam production
  48. Honey production
  49. Start an Apple Cider Vinegar Distribution Business
  50. Sell Pesticides and herbicides
  51. Start a Cold Room
  52. Start an Animal Shed Construction Company
  53. Agricultural Consultancy Firm
  54. Start an Agricultural Training School
  55. Cross Breed and Publish New Discoveries
  56. Start a Grass Cutter Farm
  57. Start a Wool production Business
  58. Start a Fresh Milk Distribution Company
  59. Forest Farming
  60. Farm Management Services

There you have your huge list of agriculture business ideas. Get started today and be ready to harvest in 6 – 24 months.