How to make your home look super expensive and exquisite without spending a fortune in decor items

Why spend hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned money when you can just use the tens of it and make your own space look like the White House? This article will guide you through the list of some cheap home decor items that you can use to make your home look super expensive and classy. You can also check My Domaine for other ways to make your home look like the modern day Buckingham Palace.

Wall art for the Bedrooms

Beedroom Wall Art

The beauty of a room is in the colors embedded in it. Why not try something fancy today and see if your room won’t look like it was designed for a thousand bucks. See the amazing design that we found on Pinterest.

Room divider shelves

You cannot have everything in one particular place so it is best if one creates different shelves for different items. Asides from making it look super cool, it makes your home look organized. Check out some cool designs on Pinterest.

Hanging lounge chair

Hanging Lounge chair

If you are the type to have visitors please get yourself one of these lounging outdoor chairs and feel like a boss. Get the closest one around and feel like a Hollywood star.  See one of the best hanging chair brands on  amazon

Throw pillows

Throw pillow

Pillows have a way of making the house look homely and having dozens of them around gives off the aura of a safe and welcoming environment. And the good thing is these are available everywhere even on overstock.

Wooden mid-century tables

Mid Century Wooden Table

Vintage home décor is so classy and the old Victorian era capitalized on this as a theme of royalty. So live royal and get yourself a mid-century wooden table that can carry anything of your choice and can be placed in any room in the house. You can find a couple of designs on overstock.

Bed canopies 

Wooden Bed

Can’t afford a silhouette bedroom? Then get the bed canopies that falls all around you and it can be made from any material of your choice and no one has to know it was even cheap. Check out some amazing designs right on Overstock



You literally can never go wrong with all kinds of flowers like the one we found from  Lightinthebox.

Hand dyed napkins

Hand Dyed Napkins

Dye your old napkins and have your dining table look colorful like the ones we have here from goodhousekeeping.



These are cheap yet the most essential for de-cluttering which makes your house look super expensive like the one we have displayed on  Organized Home.