You already know that creating and hosting a virtual summit will build your credibility, email list and create a new, if not multiple streams of income for your business.

But one of the recurring questions is, do you need a special mojo to create a great virtual summit? Maybe not, but you do need to be a great virtual summit host to get a value-packed interview, off-the-roof engagement and great testimonials.

The best part of covering the virtual summit category on Ontreprenr is, almost every strategy can be applied in other areas of your business, so if creating a virtual summit is not the next step for you, these traits will produce results regardless. Without further ado, here are the seven traits of a great virtual summit host:


A great virtual summit host is first and foremost a listener. Infact, I recommend you don’t create a virtual summit in your niche unless there is a demand for it, and how do you know? By listening to your target audience, and boy are they talking…

If you haven’t built a mailing list, you really can’t ask for direct feedback, but no worries, there are several other ways you can get feedback from your target audience.

First up is Twitter. You can get feedback by tweeting or sending a direct message to followers like this:

what is the one challenge you will pay to get rid of right now when recording a video [address a specific issue in your niche] for a new course?

what would you like to know more of to get your business to the next level?

Sit back and watch the replies roll in.

You can also get feedback from forums, Facebook and Linkedin Groups and if you are a member of any mastermind community.

Let’s not forget Quora, blog comments section and Amazon buyers review section in your chosen categories


When launching a new product, you most certainly think of ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. That’s the same way you should approach a virtual summit.

For your virtual summit to stand out, you have to be very creative – this includes pre-summit plans like pitching the speakers; during summit like getting engagement and post summit, by keeping the momentum going.

For example, instead of sending an email to your speakers like everyone else, can you send a video pitch instead? How do you intend to position your speakers?


Marisa Murgatroyd’s Online Business Superhero Summit

Nicole Holland’s Business Building Rockstar Summit

There are several ways you can add the creative edge and get visitors to sign up on the first visit to your summit page but quite frankly, can’t be covered in this 1000-something post. You can use my Virtual Summit Coaching service to ensure you have everything you need to create your own virtual summit experience


Want to get the best goodies?

One of the most important traits of a great virtual summit host is the ability to create a win-win-win situation: for you, your audience and every otherpartys involved. The success of your summit depends on it.

Let’s take a quick look at these starting with Other Parties Involved e.g Sponsors & Speakers

There is not a single company that wants to sponsor your summit simply because it’s cool; they are interested in sponsoring your summit because it’s going to create awareness for their product, request for demos, and possibly sales, and if you can show them that sponsoring your virtual summit will make that happen for their business, you have a slot in their sponsorship budget.

It’s really no use pitching a speaker just for the purpose of adding value to your virtual summit. They already share so much value on their blog or newsletter. But you would have a good angle if they would be speaking alongside A-list speakers, or give them the opportunity to share a freebie with your audience.


Time is an expensive commodity. You are asking your audience for a huge chunk of their time and you better have something good to offer. The quality of your virtual summit can increase engagement and ultimately sales for your products yet-unborn.

You: The Host

And if the sponsors, speakers and audience are happy, it’s the ultimate win for you. You will gain credibility, build your mailing list by the 100’s-1000’s and add to your income stream.

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Since a virtual summit is a vodcast on wheels, it is important you have an above the average interview skills to keep your audience engaged. These are my best tips:

Do enough research before each interview: visit each speaker’s website, read their articles, listen to their podcast. From this initial research, you can find enough information to prep for the interview

Practice, Practice, Practice: I cannot say this enough. Especially if you don’t have previous experience doing interviews, make sure you do a lot of practice in front of the mirror so you can make corrections [if any] to your posture, gesture, looks and all things between.

Do a test run: with a friend using a real script and with the same tools you plan on using for your real interview. Notice your response, if you errrrm and hummed your way through the interview, the flow and if you were time conscious.

A test run also helps you identify technical hitch you didn’t think of and this can be a lifesaver.

Never ever run out of questions: whatever you do, make sure you have enough questions for double the time allotted for the interview.

For a 30 mins interview, the speaker might just answer all of your questions in 15 minutes. How are you going to fill the blank space?

You can get the complete interview template when you use my Virtual Summit Coaching service, including

  • Five types of questions you must ask
  • Over 35 questions you can ask to get the best engagement from your interviews
  • How to get speakers to share their biggest secrets during your interview

The fastest way to build a network of influencers, add 100's-1000's to your mailing list and create a new stream of income


A great virtual summit host recognizes strengths and outsource weaknesses wherever possible.

With the tools and resources available, it is possible to create and host a virtual summit without outsourcing, but if your budget allows and if you are planning on getting massive results or adding so many angles to your virtual summit like sponsorship, definitely outsource.


Hosting a summit in and of itself is worth it. But unless you like coming up with new strategies every single month, you need to think of a way to turn your one-time virtual summit into recurring profits.

You can do this in a number of ways such as launching a course right after your summit, membership site, ebook, coaching packages and much more.

If you are just not ready to launch a course right away, you can build off the momentum of your virtual summit by starting a podcast. Using this strategy, Nicole Holland was able to start her BBRS show and get it into iTunes New and Noteworthy


Finally, a great host knows she can cut cost and achieve more in less time by following a proven strategy.

There are several things I could have avoided and should have invested in while creating my own virtual summit and I wish I had me as a coach back then. Thankfully, you won’t have to make the same mistakes because you can learn from mine.

Are you ready to create your own virtual summit? You can get started here

What are your biggest concerns and what impact do you think a virtual summit will have on your business?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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