Shhh. Don’t tell, but the secret to several six-figure launch is they make you an offer you cannot refuse – this translates to a stack of bonus that most times exceed the amount you are paying for that product.

You can use this same secret to launch your own product and see a 1700% increase or increase sales by a staggering 1470%

Steal ’em

  1. Earn points for buying to apply to your first order

This is a great bonus if you have two or more products because you want each sale to lead to the next.

This bonus encourages repeat customers because every time someone makes a purchase, they get rewarded with points that can be redeemed on their next purchase

  1. Get a free $50 voucher you can apply to your next sale

Similar to the first bonus in this list and a more realistic version for those who want to pre-sell customers on their next launch.

If I get a $50 voucher that can only be used when I buy another product from you, there’s temptation to use that voucher. I can suddenly pay $147 for a $197 product.

I use this bonus idea with my content strategy service. If you are a first-time customer, you get $50 off your order

You can contact me here if you want to use my content creation and strategy service 

  1. Buy a six months support package in advance and pay less 

You need people to actually use your product after purchase, not add it to their library of unused products. This bonus is great for SaaS companies where the software needs to be continually upgraded to function properly.

Your customers might not see the need for product support but they can become very aware when you ethically bribe them right from first software purchase with a too-good-to-be-true offer for product support.

  1. Buy a 12 month’s package and pay half the price

Another great bonus for SaaS product that usually comes with their support or add on services. Instead of paying cheap right off the gate, this bonus gives varying prices depending on how many months of support you buy.

  1. Free 60 days Test Drive

Maybe your customers just really need that test drive before they say Yes, why not add this bonus to your product? Give them a full 30 -60 days test drive and let them decide if they want to move forward with you.

A company using this strategy is, an excellent hosting company with a full 60 day free hosting plan and a 60-day Money-back Guarantee.

When you do decide to upgrade to a paid hosting plan with Smarterasp, they have great prices compared to other hosting services out there, starting at $2.95/month. That is only $35/year!

If you have more than one site, you can choose the Advance hosting which allows you to host up to six websites for only $4.95/month and host unlimited website for $7.95/month with unlimited space and bandwidth no matter the hosting you choose! No other hosting service match this kind of pricing with this quality of service.

Click here to get a domain and free 60-day hosting plan, no credit card required

They are also online 24 hours a day so for a non-techie like me, that comes in very handy

  1. Buy from my link and get my full map plan

If you are an affiliate, you can use the bonus to get sales through your link. This bonus is really solid because rather than “figuring it out,” a customer can take the easy option and get access to what worked for you.

  1. Get a free accompanying pdf worth $X

A lot of internet marketers use this bonus strategy. Customers buy Product A and they throw in a PDF usually worth two times the cost of the original product.

  1. Buy now and get lifetime access 

Used mostly to launch a new product that will be continually useful for customers, this strategy is becoming increasingly popular on the web

The way it works is, instead of buying a monthly or yearly membership, you pay a one-time fee and get lifetime membership.

Elegant themes is a perfect example. Elegant themes is a premium wordpress theme for your website and for a one-time fee, you get all their themes and plugins- that is 87 themes and about 7 plugins, including Monarch social share and Bloom email opt-in plugin.

This site runs on Elegant themes and starting at $69, you can get your own elegant themes membership

Click here to get your premium theme for just $69

This strategy is also very effective for making a product go viral leading to insane launch numbers.

  1. Buy this course and I will introduce you to other experts 

If you have a high converting offer, this bonus can 10x your result. First, considering that experts can be pretty difficult to reach [you have to send emails, follow up and hope they will get back to you when you need them to get back to you], this can be a game-changer.

But you can get attention much sooner and get introduced to the inner circle if another expert is connecting you directly.

In fact, a perfect product using this bonus strategy perfectly is Interviews That Convert from Nicole Holland. The course teaches you how to get the attention of popular podcast host and not only get you on their show, but get repeat invites

To increase the value, Nicole is also going to feature you in her Great Guest Directory where podcast hosts can contact and book you directly for their shows.

  1. Buy this and I guarantee X results 

Everyone loves guarantees. If your product or service can guarantee the result it promises, half of the battle is won. There are a lot of product that offer guarantees but don’t deliver and this makes this a delicate bonus.

A good example of the guarantee bonus is Rockstar Virtual Summit where I guarantee speakers, for your virtual summit.

Click here to use my Virtual Summit Coaching Service

  1. Invest $X and get $X guarantee after X days

Similar to the bonus above, only used differently. I thought to feature this bonus because it’s a strategy we all can use to get more investments for our business and is successfully using this strategy

  1. CPM bonus

What if you wanted to quickly spread the word about your new plugin? What if you are willing to pay to spread the word even faster?

An example of CPM bonus is Kingged ad widget that pays you perview our whether the posts in widget gets clicked or not.

  1. Promote once, keep getting traffic from us 

Depending on what you are promoting, you may only be able to use a few of these bonuses and this one is for those trying to grow a forum, community or blog.

For example, if you read ONTREPRENR or have ever left a comment, you can republish your content here and continue to get traffic from this site.

This bonus can turn irregular visits into loyal readers and can increase site popularity. It’s a win-win situation

Similar product bonus ideas include:

  1. Private FB group 
  2. Private mastermind
  3. Private workshop 

SumoMe does this really interesting thing where if you are a paid subscriber [they run a monthly subscription], you get access to high value workshops addressing very specific topics – for FREE

  1. Paid webinar 

On the other hand, another way to go about this create a sales page for a webinar, put a price tag, webinar attendees put in their credit card details but are only charged if they find the content of the webinar useful.

  1. Free ticket to live event

I have seen several programs actually build this bonus into their offer. I love this approach because not only can you meet your customers in a physical location, it’s an opportunity to introduce them to your business, get feedback from them and even sell them on other products

  1. Lunch and Learn session

If you can’t afford a live event for any reason or if it’s a low ticket program, a lunch and learn session is just as effective.

  1. Other expert gift

Want an irresistible bonus? Partner with other influencers in your niche or complementary niche and ask them to offer one of their courses as a bundle that you can offer alongside your product.

In return, they can set up a landing page where your customers will have to leave their email address to claim the bonus.

Another way you can partner is offer your product in return when they launch their own products or you promote their products to your list with little or zero commissions. The options are limitless.

  1. Free email access

Giving phone access to everyone might not be feasible but you can bump up your offer with a free email access instead.

  1. Rolodex

Ease your customers the stress of finding freelancers and good services. Put together a rolodex with your best freelancers, tools, sites and services

  1. Free online newsletter subscription

I love how AWAI structures most of their product offers to include free newsletter subscriptions and if you know AWAI, you know they create content that change people’s lives and a free online subscription is a good bonus bump

  1. Free shipping

You can use the free shipping bonus when launching a new book, CD or program. Truth be told, folks don’t want to pay for shipping, but instead of getting rid of shipping fees quietly, let them know you are taking on that expense.

  1. Free print subscription

This is a healthy bonus for business owners selling magazine subscriptions. You can give away print subscriptions for those who purchase the online version or vice versa

  1. Awards

You can even give Awards to exceptional students in your program or if each student has achieved a great feat, you can choose to give them an award.

Expert Insights take authors from unknown to bestsellers and bestseller status is something to celebrate not just for what bestselling author sounds like but because a book is a change agent and the birthing process is worth celebrating.

And to celebrate, Expert Insights Publishing puts together a live event, invites press, give awards and authors can network with press and their peers alike.

  1. Certificates of Completion

Not up for an award? Why don’t you give certificates of completion like Hubspot?

  1. Warranty

Instead of a guarantee, if you sell physical items, consider giving a warranty to customers. The benefits is two ways – It establishes company authenticity and trust

  1. Diversified Guarantees

There are different kinds of guarantee but I am mentioning this because not everyone knows there is a difference. There is guarantee of what the course promises [this was number X on the list] and there are these guarantees

  • Satisfaction Guarantee:
  • 100% Money Guarantee:
  • 50% Money-back Guarantee:
  • Replace with other product guarantee:
  • Show me proof guarantee:
  1. Bulk Pre-order bonus

This is one strategy Neil Patel used for his new book Hustle and it ‘s now sitting on #! in Entrepreneur category on Amazon.

The pre-order strategy is very effective and has been used by Michael Hyatt, Josh Turner, Hannah Edia [me!] and a couple others. It helps in a number of ways:

  • Tells you if people want what you are creating
  • Provides you with feedback that you can add to make what you are creating better
  • See high volumes in a short period of time which can help you hit your launch goals
  • Word of mouth and high chances of going viral if many people are buying at the same time
  • Proof that may become very useful in your business
  • Pure joy from bragging rights
  1. Early bird offer

I used the early bird offer to drive sales in the first week of hosting Maximize summit. We had A-line speakers such as Dave Schneider, Renee Warren, SarahIt was a good introductory price and people wanted to opt in before prices increased.

The purpose of the early bird offer is to create emergency, and increase sales, so you can get more success when using this strategy by:

  • Using a countdown timer to show urgency
  • Sending update emails
  • Webinar Jam for hosting webinars even show live counts of “how many products left” to create urgency
  • The most sales occur one hour before offer expires so send more emails in the final hour leading up to close
  • After offer expires, you can do a 6 – 24 hour extension for those who missed your emails or those that wanted to press the button but the timer suddenly hit 00:00 and they missed the early bird
  1. Fast action takers

Now instead of moving straight into full price, why not take the price up a notch and give those sitting on a fence another chance? As the name implies, this price is for fast action takers only.

  1. Seasonal offers

If you are not putting together seasonal bonuses, you are losing out on seasonal sales. You should include a discount or put together a package for holidays.

  1. Celebratory offers

Milestones are definitely worth celebrating and what better way than to slash prices and make sales during this period.

You can celebrate founders birthday, top employee birthdays, overcoming a major obstacle, company anniversary, heck, some even put in personal celebrations like marriage anniversaries in the mix.

  1. Office hours bonus

Need to save a life but can’t seem to reach us on email? Offer your students the chance to pick up the phone anytime during office hours. Jon Morrow uses this strategy with some of his products

  1. One-on-One Phone access

And if you are selling a high ticket program, perhaps we wouldn’t be asking for too much if we got your phone number …

  1. One on One coaching bonus

Jump on Skype maybe?

  1. Star student bonus

Hey, this definitely impresses the heck out of me but seriously, a star student bonus that involves plane ticket, dinner and a MTV-style interview to encourage other students to fully engage in your course is not so bad …

  1. Team assistance bonus

You will be surprised that it doesn’t end with a great product. Sometimes, customers just can’t seem to get the result you are promising.

You can throw in a team assistance bonus where a member of your team will jump on the phone with them and help them “figure it out.”

  1. Use ‘Get it free’ as a bonus

You know those offers where you don’t have to pay with a tweet or leave your email address before downloading a PDF? They look harmless [and they of course are, uuuuuh] but according to our research, those offers [and you should totally use this strategy] promotes the creators:

  • Cause:if you love this pdf, hit the donate button to help us keep the site running or here is my favorite charity
  • Credibility:if you are anything like me, whenever I read something epic, I hunt the creator/writer down. I go “Woah, this guy/gal is bri-li-ant!”
  • Course:because the PDF is got to be based on something, which could be the creator’s other product, blog, webinar, on and on
  1. Lifetime Affiliate bonus 

While you can pay affiliates a percentage when someone purchases from their link, you can also get more sales and commitment from affiliates if you give them a percentage both from people signing up from their link and from future sales

This strategy is mostly used by ad networks. To put in perspective, if you own a blog, you can start monetizing right away with ads, no traffic requirements with propeller ads. Once your account is approved, you get the ad tags, put it on your blog and start earning right away.

Asides recommending propeller ad network because of their great customer support and different monetization strategy, if you sign up through our link, at no cost to you, we get paid a certain percentage of future earnings. Same as, if you recommend them on your blog and someone signs up through your link.

  1. Billed Annually vs Billing Monthly 

One of my best approach both from POV of a course creator and customer. This is the same strategy that Thinkific, a platform I recommend for course creation and Mailerlite is using to sign up more customers.

The idea is to give customers the pay less [usually 10% – 23% off] option when billed annually or pay in full when billed monthly.

It’s a win-win. Company stays afloat and has higher customer retention if customers buy annual plans and customers save more.

  1. Basic or Full Features Free

Very similar to the test drive, only that this bonus limits the amount of features for your free trial.

This is because if you give away too much in the free plan, you may get little to no conversions so you need to find a middle ground.

Thinkific a software that lets you create, market and sell your online course on autopilot [read that has zero technical details, no need to pay for hosting separately, going back and forth with payment setup and the other hassles that prevent you from creating a course] is an example of a company that uses this bonus strategy

Between, we were able to snag a deal for ONTREPRENR readers to give you one month full access to their business plan, valued at $99 and $800 in premium training on how to create, market and sell your first or next online courses

Click here to check it out

  1. Affiliate commission

You can drive huge sales by recruiting affiliates and paying high commissions, as high as 50 -70% and if you are working with a more established publisher with a huge email list, you should even consider paying 100% commission.

That aside, if you want to make more from affiliates promoting your product, you can add a bonus for anyone who reaches a goal set. For example, the first affiliate to sell a hundred tickets at 12pm today gets an extra $500 in commissions or for high ticket programs, be like Ramit Sethi and pay for a plane ticket and dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Add any of these forty-four bonuses to your product ideas and watch sales take off!

Which of these bonus are you currently using to support your products? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to give this post a share

HANNAH EDIA Ontreprenr, Business Writer & Strategist, Author and Virtual Summit Coach. Want to work with me in my area of expertise mentioned above? Awesome :-))) Click here to visit my services page and let’s go over the detail