It doesn’t add up.

You know, those stories about 8 out of 10 businesses failing

While the guys and gals in this post are absolutely crushing it in their business

The reason why I reached out to these superstar ninja’s to spill their secrets by asking this question:

What is the one uncommon business insight/strategy you have for online entrepreneurs to grow and scale their online business?

Maybe you are on the brink of giving up on your online business because results are not equivalent to the effort, grrrrr

Or you are already doing great in your business and just looking for extra propellant

Taking action on a single business insight can lead to a 1700% increase or a new door of opportunity so either way you win by reading this post

I also wanted to make sure everyone could relate so I reached out to experts in ten different categories. No matter what niche you operate in, you will find some nuggets of wisdom by reading this post.

Note: If I were to introduce each of these experts and their achievements, you may never get to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner today {No Kidding!} There is an easy link to check out each one of them, so definitely visit each of their website and steal some more biz strategies :-))))

Let’s get down to some serious business insight

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Jerry Silver | Justin Brooke | Cori Padgett-Bukowski | Jeremy Raglin | Richard Tubb | Kulwant Nagi |Michael Laps | Daniel Brady | Brian Wallace


Jennifer Medeiros | Abby Lawson | Hannah Hagler | Colin Wright | Natasha Stoneking | KatyEnglish | Alex Potorr | Dean Salakas 


Karolina & Patryk | Donna L. Hull | Kelly Dunning 


Jennipher Walters | Erin Chase 


Christian E. Cole | Anjali Shah | Julie Mathers | Bhumika Thakkar | Ebonie Allard | Sylviane Nuccio |Michael Krasman | Dave Yeates | Chris Abrams | Cailen Ascher | Tamal Anwar


Jerry Silver from DoctorSpin

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursIf we look pass the basics of acquiring product/market fit, growing an email list, and great customer service, my one advice would be to focus on one KPI at a time.

There are thousands of various challenges for online entrepreneurs, but trying to tackle them all at once can result in spreading your resources too thin.

Focus your efforts on low-hanging fruit with the biggest potential returns — and make it happen. Then move on to the next challenge on your list of priorities and start over.

A successful business is built with focused effort — one challenge at a time.

Justin Brooke from

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursGrowing rapidly is a math problem, not a skills problem.

You know this is true, because you’ve seen people way less smart and way less skilled than you become huge successes.

I once saw a guy who got 2000 on his S.A.T. test charging just $35/hr to teach the test. Smart does not equal success.

What you face is a math problem. How much does it cost you to acquire a customer? How much do you earn per customer? The first number must be lower than the 2nd. When you master these two numbers and get their ratio just right… You’ll grow very quickly.

Forget about all the fears, doubts, and mental garbage you have. Focus on the math problem and it’ll fix all your worries.

Because rapid growth plus the revenue/prestige that comes with it, also tends to erase all fears and doubts.

Cori Padgett-Bukowski from BigGirlBranding

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

I would have to say one, grow your email list of buyers, and cultivate it. I’m still working on that aspect, I haven’t done as well as I’d like in that area, so it’s an in-progress goal for me.

And secondly, whatever you suck at or just don’t have time for, try to outsource it and free up your time for the things you do best. For me, that meant hiring a house keeper once or twice a month, so I didn’t have to worry about that while I was buried in writing. Now if I could just get to the point where I can hire that chef, I’d be golden. Ha. We all have dreams. 😉

Jeremy Raglin from TurnAroundInternetMarketing

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursMy advice for online entrepreneurs who are working on growing / scaling their businesses is to not forget about small businesses in their cities or towns that could benefit from the services that they have to offer.

Many times an online entrepreneur will give up or go broke due to advertising and the cost of starting an online business when they could also be selling their services locally as they grow their online business.

This is a strategy that works and can save many online entrepreneurs from giving up on their dreams because they don’t have enough money to keep their businesses during the first year. To get started with this all an online entrepreneur has to do is look up local businesses in their area on Google and see which companies could benefit from their knowledge of web design, content creation, SEO, social media etc then they should either call those businesses or market their services to them via email.

Richard Tubb from TubBlog

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Don’t try to do it alone. Work out the highest value use of your time — the things you are good at, enjoy doing and use your skills and time to their fullest — and focus on doing those things.

Everything else, look to delegate, automate or outsource. I have grown my own online business through surrounding myself with virtual assistants, freelancers and people who are specialists at doing things that free up my time to focus on what is important and make more money.

It’s a tactic that has worked well for many entrepreneurs

Kulwant Nagi from BloggingCage

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

The most uncommon strategy I have found is, being super active on

This is such a great platform where most of the enthusiastic people spend a lot of time to read the expert views. So you can join this QA forum and select your category where you want to get noticed.

Find people asking creative questions and submit your answer as per your expertise. This small practice will boost your own authority as well as the brand value of your company.

Michael Laps from YoghurtDigital

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Invest in understanding your customer behaviour online and, specifically, on your website. By mapping out their path-to-purchase and identifying the friction points, you’ll put yourself in a position to generate significantly more business without needing to continuously increase your marketing budget.

You can generate 100 sales from 10,000 website visitors, or you can generate 200 sales from 5,000 website visitors. The name of the game is conversion rate. Optimize your marketing budget by investing in user behaviour insights, so you can make more money while spending less.

Daniel Brady from HeavenlyHammocks

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

This technique works well for us, for our hammocks eCommerce

We have our own website that already brings a good amount of sales. We began listing items on Ebay too, even though the profit per sale is lower. This is useful because it brings us incremental sales. The incremental sales let us import more of each product, which gets us better prices from the manufacturers and also improves import costs.

In our case, the costs of some popular products have fallen by 25-35%. The lower costs let us be more competitively priced on Ebay, and get us a higher profit from our website sales or let us increase advertising. It forms a circle, where sales increase, then costs fall (and profit rises), then we lower prices or increase advertising, then sales increase even more.

Adding Ebay to the mix was a good stimulus to get the improvement circle started.

A similar way to utilize this technique may be to add market stall sales (or another sales channel) to your eCommerce. It can bring the incremental sales needed to get the circle started.

Brian Wallace from Nowsourcing

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursFocus is everything.  So many people try to do every little thing, including stuff they aren’t really good at.  Try to focus on becoming the best at what you’re already good at!


Jennifer Medeiros from MakobiScribe

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Networking is key. Find others in your niche to share your audience with and bounce ideas off of. There is strength in numbers!

Abby Lawson from JustAGirlandHerBlog

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

I’m not sure how “uncommon” this advice is, but I would say that there is definitely strength in numbers.

My business really took off when my husband began helping me, first part time as he was still working his corporate job and now full time. We saw another boost when we brought on my sister as our assistant. She helps us stay organized and keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes, which frees us up to accomplish more, and our business has definitely grown because of it.

I think a lot of people get nervous about collaborating (it definitely has to be a good fit!) or hiring help, but for us it has been a total game changer.

Hannah Hagler from ChampagneLifestyleBlog

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursThe best strategy for growing an online business is to be authentic and consistent. In a world of scripted television commercials and cheesy brand endorsements, people want to see that something is real (consistently real to be exact).

Make sure you are putting out content on social media daily that is not only 100% relevant to your brand, but is useful and engaging to your target market. To me, these are the things that can set a business apart from the rest.

Colin Wright from ExileLifestyle

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Make sure you know why you’re doing the work you do. This helps guide every choice that you make, and ensures that you’re working toward a lifestyle that will make you happier and more fulfilled, not just wealthier.

Far too many people skip this step, and one day wake up with money, but with no idea who they are or what to do with themselves.

Natasha Stoneking from Hello! Happiness

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Social media is key… it’s knowing your audience, and paying close attention to how they interact with you. Are they buying from Pinterest, are they using search engines to find you, and what gets them engaged AND buying from you instead of a competitor?

My best advice would be to run analytic reports, test out new methods of selling, and ask your customers and fans what they want… getting them to interact with us has been a huge win for us at Sugar Bit and it lets our customers be a part of the process.

Katy English from LittleMissKaty

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Build a community, not a following. That’s the best tip I’ve ever been given, and it’s influenced every choice I’ve made for my blog and business.

A community will be engaged, interested and passionate about what you do – and ultimately, they’ll be the ones to come back again and again for your product.

Building a loyal community is hard and it takes time, but it’s definitely worth the payoff!

Alex Potorr from ExpoTor

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Online is not enough – live events, Facebook live, webinars or exhibitions are a must. Our recommendations are online networks in the industry you are targeting but face-to-face meetups with your fans and potential clients will bring you the success you need.

For our event marketplace, exhibitions and trade shows live or virtual are the best strategy. Be Expo-Creative and Resourceful!

Dean Salakas from ThePartyPeople

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursThe most significant concept I use to scale my online marketing is a concept of an “uncapped marketing budget”. Its a very detailed concept however to describe it briefly, the concept is about determining the cost to service customer, relating that to the profit per customer to then determine the cost you can afford to acquire a customer.

So as an example with my Business The Party People (using round numbers for easy math), it costs me $85 to service my average customer who purchases on average $100 from me. The cost includes cost of goods and costs of operating but excludes costs of marketing and fixed costs such as rent, manager wages etc. The remaining $15 contributes to your fixed costs and hopefully profit. This is essentially the number I use to budget for advertising.

With digital advertising, everything is trackable and the most important metric for me is my conversions and where they come from. Using my budget, I can work out the cost I should be spending on my advertising depending on the conversion data I get.

For example, if I use Google Adwords, then I must ensure I spend less than $15 as my cost per acquisition (CPA). I find as many keywords that I can that achieve this ROI so I can now scale my advertising since every dollar you spend advertising is resulting in a profit.

On Adwords I have applied this to over 1.5M keywords. I have further applied this to all my digital marketing including email marketing, selling on marketplaces like ebay etc.


Karolina & Patryk from  KarolinaPatryk

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Don’t build your business by yourself. Try to delegate as many things as possible, work with freelancers and don’t be afraid to hire employees. It is the only way to grow and scale your firm.

You should be the brain of your business from the very beginning. The sooner you realize you should think about progress and don’t waste your time on doing small and irrelevant things, the faster you will succeed

Donna L. Hull from MyItchyTravelFeet

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Remember your audience when using social media. They are your people: the ones who buy your products, read your articles, click your affiliate links, and become your most valuable supporters.

Share information that answers their questions, meets their needs, and inspires them. Social media is a tool to connect with your people.

It’s easy to become caught up with a tribe of peers in never-ending reciprocal duties of likes, repins, comments, and shares. That’s not reaching your audience; it’s an echo chamber. Go create something valuable for your people, instead.

Kelly Dunning from Global-Goose

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

When Lee and I were first starting up our travel blog and I was establishing myself as a freelance writer, we made a smart move by not quitting our day jobs right away.

At the time I was working full time and then writing blogs and building my freelance career on the evenings and weekends. I chose not to quit my day job and then start from scratch building an online business, as I knew that in the beginning I wouldn’t be earning a lot of money.

I was really busy during that time, but the advantage was that I still had a reliable income from my “day job” to count on while I took my time establishing an online business on the side.

The overlap between the two took all the pressure off and meant that I could steadily grow my freelancing career in my spare time without financial pressure. Eventually, I was able to transition to part time working and part time freelancing. Then, I waited just a little longer until I had grown my freelance writing career into a sustainable income before finally fully quitting my “day job.”


Jennipher Walters from FitBottomedGirls

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursHave a strong mission and voice for your brand and make sure it shines everywhere — not just on your website.

That means that even when you’re replying to readers or customers via email or on social media, you think about your messaging and tone and use it as an opportunity to continue to show the personality of your company.

Erin Chase from 5DollarDinners

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

I find myself reverse engineering in each area of my business – marketing campaigns, sales copy, automation and funnels, software development and project management.

Planning “with the end in mind” has helped me grow and scale my business and brands quickly and easily.


Christina E. Cole from  NailButter

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Don’t underestimate the power of social media! You do not need a huge advertising budget to benefit from all of the social media outlets that are now available to businesses, you just need dedication and determination.

Social Media is an amazing advertising outlet and is FREE. Help customers learn more about your business and services with personal post that are catered to you and your brand.

Anjali Shah from PickyEaterBlog


33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursCreate high quality content and share it with your users (and advertise it as well!) High-quality content is essentially relevant and engaging information that encourages site visitors to return in the future.

The content should reflect your brand / company, offer industry education and encourage interaction with users (e.g. via asking questions, providing useful information, etc.)

Creating good content is the easiest and cheapest way to market your company – people will always come back for, and share good content, so it’s one of the best ways to get your company’s name out there.

Julie Mathers from  FloraandFauna

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Social Media has been a huge driver for us and the more you can engage with your audience the better.

Beauty and veganism is very shareable on instagram and facebook so our posts are driven with education in mind rather than pushing sales. And monitor. We use Sprout to help us monitor our channels and I can’t recommend it enough.

Bhumika Thakkar from NewLove-Makeup

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

Do not copy! Be original, fresh and unique content will take you ahead. Value your customers, take their feedback and implement it to be better.


Ebonie Allard from  EntrepreneurEnabler


Find a way to ‘talk’ to your people that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Use your language and your style. Be authentic and it won’t feel forced or like WORK. I’m all up for pushing past your comfort zone, but it doesn’t need to be so hard!

Find the communication style that suits you best. If you like speaking off the cuff do FB lives and periscope or webinars. If you like to prepare pre- record videos or audios,  if writing is your thing – write blogs or newsletters.

If pictures is where it’s at use Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. There is something for everyone these days but the key is to allow your audience to know like and trust you. Show up consistently as yourself and because like unto itself is drawn – you will attract the exact right audience for you.

Sylviane Nuccio from  SylvianeNuccio

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursI’m glad you’re asking the question since I coach new entrepreneurs who are making the transition from being an employee to being their own boss.

The first thing you need to have as an entrepreneur, whether it’s online or offline, in order to succeed and grow is to have the right mindset.

It is my belief and my experience that without the right mindset, no matter what you are going to do, it’s not going to succeed as much as you want and at times will actually completely fail.

So my advice is this: Get acquainted with personal development, read books, watch videos, joins mastermind groups and if you can, hire a success coach. Understanding how much your mind and beliefs impact your success is vital for your business.

Michael Krasman from UrbanBound

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

As a serial entrepreneur of nearly 20 years, I’ve become increasingly convinced that the single greatest asset any company has is their people.

In a lot of ways, companies are formed for the sole purpose of solving issues: This could be internal issues or issues for your customers, but if you have the right team on board with thoughtful, creative, intelligent, and driven individuals you will embrace each challenge and come up with brilliant, out of the box solutions over and over again.

That is what really makes a great company and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Dave Yeates from Dwhy

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursGive. Generously. Especially if what you do is provide a service.

Give away some IP for free, demonstrate your capablity, make them feel like the upgrade is to get you in the room.

Two things will happen: 1, you’ll go in uncontested, it becomes invitational. 2, no-one’s going to question your price… because you’ve already demonstrated so much value.

Chris Abrams from  AbramsInc.

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneurs

My advice to other entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business would be to document all of their business processes. In a nutshell, this means to create a book of standard operating procedures (SOP).

Then if they want to go on a vacation or were no longer here, their staff could follow the procedures in the book. This is also very beneficial when they hire and need to train new staff. Documenting my procedures has made me examine everything necessary to run my business in detail and make processes more efficient.

As an example, I use content marketing to grow my business. There are many nuances in regards to researching the article, adding SEO to the article, optimizing pictures, etc. I put together several guides in a google doc for each part of the process and also made short screen-capture videos of the process. I put together a small website to keep all of these guides and videos in one place.

I am in the process of creating the same SOP’s for sales and the other functions in my company. Once these are all complete, the company will be able to run without me. This will also increase the value of the company should I ever want to sell it.

Cailen Ascher from CailenAscher


Invest in yourself and your business.

Learn from someone who has already successfully scaled their business in the way you’re hoping to. It’ll cut down the learning curve and shorten your path to success!

Tamal Anwar from  BlogKori

33 uncommon business insights from successful online entrepreneursIn order to grow and scale your business, learn how to delegate your tasks to other people.

If you make a habit of doing everything yourself, you won’t be able to grow beyond your own limits. Bring one or two people into your team and teach them a few things at a time.

Learn to outsource some of your time sucking tasks.


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Insights, Strategies and ANYTHING at all only work if you work them

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