How to overcome writer’s block.

That is one of the most frequently asked question by creatives.

You want to write but can’t get it out of your head the way you want or you run short on ideas and this puts you on a roller coaster, on and on until you shut down your computer in frustration.

By the time you check your clock, the whole day is gone and nothing to show for it.

Writer’s Block or Blogger’s Block?

The only problem with writer’s block is, its a broad term for all creatives and it’s not only writer’s that hit a block. While the major part of blogging involves writing, it is not only writer’s block that you can hit.

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As a blogger, you are also a researcher, data analyst, inspiration to your readers, beta tester, and a business owner that is why it can’t just be about writer’s block getting you down on those days.

There’s something else and it’s called – Blogger’s block.

Yes, I came up with the word but after reading hundreds of posts over the past three years, most blogger’s would have experienced blogger’s block at least once in their blogging career. This might as well be the first post you are reading titled blogger’s block so let’s get to it.

What Does it Mean?

Blogger’s block is a condition associated with blogging, where bloggers are unable to focus on meeting a certain writing standards for their blog due to several factors including not getting enough readers for a blog post, experiencing burn-out, pressure to build a successful blog and comparing the success of one blog to the other.

If you have been experiencing any of these, rest assured you are not alone. By the end of this post, you will learn 30 strategies to be rid of blogger’s blog forever.

1. Stop worrying: To deal with this, the first thing we need to address is the source or reason for your worries. In my experience, it’s usually due to short term thinking and instant gratification.

While you should put your absolute best into your blog and do everything legit to make it a success, don’t spend the time you ought to be blogging – worrying. Be very realistic with your blogging goals and when you don’t meet your goals, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Failure means “not trying”

Maybe you need to change your strategy or come up with something that works for you but for your blog’s sake, stop worrying.

2. Try imperfection: It’s okay to be “not perfect.” I am not saying don’t write the most quality post you can come up with, but on days when you can’t, your readers won’t hate you.

On these days, don’t worry about SEO or if a piece is going to go viral. Instead, focus on writing to your heart’s content. That can mean 500 words, instead of the 5000 words you usually publish. It can also mean derailing from the type of posts you are used to publishing to something else

You’d be surprised that you may strike a chord with your “imperfect post.”

3. Stop comparing: Uh, this is the blogger’s plight and why not, with those perfect traffic and income report littered all over the internet. It’s easy to compare to the point of giving up on your blog

But don’t forget the purpose of ‘good news’ is not for comparison. It is supposed to drive you to action so you can birth your own good news. Whenever you are tempted to compare yourself with another blogger, resist the urge and instead find out what they did that you aren’t doing or doing well enough.

Sometimes, it’s not even what you are not doing so much as the time it takes for what you are doing to yield results.

4. Start connecting: A lot of people don’t consider blogging a job because picture this:

Where people are dressed in a suit and tie rushing to their job, you are sporting a Tee working from a café on a Monday morning. See?

Blogging indeed is a job and it’s a reality for thousands of people all around the world. And unlike a 9-5 where you may be fortunate enough to have great colleagues [never experienced a bad colleague. what is that like?], it is very easy to get lost in work and forget to connect with real people.

When you’ve been by yourself for such a long time with no one to have a real genuine talk with in this line of work, you may find yourself hitting a block. Even a creative block.

5. Go on a comment raid: Need new ideas? Absolutely lost on what to blog about? Look for where healthy conversations are going on and where better than in the comments section of a blog.

Visit a blog that usually gets a lot of comments on its post to see what people are saying. What is most interesting about the post? what was missing in the post and what do you disagree with?

Usually the first comments on a post are filled with praise and sometimes nothing constructive but as you go deeper into the comments, you will find less praise and the real gem. Those are the comments you are looking for.

6. Get a Life: Don’t hang around your system all day. Forcing yourself to come up with ideas just to feed your blog doesn’t make sense. Instead, take a walk, go swimming or read a book.

overcoming writer's block - blogger's block

7. Take your diary everywhere: The best ideas come when you are not thinking so hard and when they come, you better be ready to pen them down or risk forgetting.

8. Visit your photo gallery: Whenever you hit a block, pay a visit to your stock photo library, do a simple search and look at the images that show up. Once you find one you like, enlarge to full screen and write down everything you thought about that image. By the time you are done, you will have enough ideas to come up with a full blog post.

It also helps to look at artwork and your photo album!

9. Use Pinterest to your advantage: Pinterest is responsible for a big surge in income for bloggers since Pinterest is the number one source of traffic for a lot of blogs. Pinterest is also the social media to get post ideas with thousands of pinners pinning their best content.

I manually pin on Pinterest but I have increased the number of followers and subscribers to my blog since I started using Boardbooster to schedule pins on my boards.

No matter your niche, you can find Pinspiration from another blogger’s pin, from different pins combined or by looking at pins from your boards.

What you are looking for is:

  • Pins with a good number of re-pins
  • See if you can reword the pin e.g. 30 Ways to Start a Blog can be 30 Ways to Start a Business

10. Draft quickly: I am often guilty of this but I’ll say it anyways. Write your first draft quickly. The more you practice doing this, the more your first draft becomes better and better until your first draft becomes better than most people’s third draft.

When you write quickly, it is much easier to go back in and fill in the details, correct typos, add and remove. And the feeling you get when you complete a post is also great.

11. Celebrate small successes: I am a big preacher of celebrating small successes. Sometimes, we get so lost in looking at the big picture that we forget the small things make up the big picture

Have special moments to reflect

12. Go on a vacation: Relax! Your blog is going to be right there when you get back. Refill your creative tank and when you get back, you will be so refreshed and ready to go

13. Use topic suggestion tool: This is a lifesaver. Have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into a blog post, just plug your idea into these headline suggest tool and watch the magic happen

content idea generator tools

Headline Suggestion Tool to deal with Blogger’s Block

14. Go on bloggers detox: According to Google, detox is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. Okay, we don’t need the “unhealthy substances” part but you get my point.

Maybe what you need isn’t to read more posts and reading this post could be harmful to your blogging career [yea, it’s a thing].

Maybe what you need to do is to stay completely away from other people’s posts, social media so you can write something uniquely you.

Not trying to sound like “your favorite blogger”. Just sound and write like you would.

15. Take advantage of freebies: If on the other you are hitting bloggers block because you can’t see a corresponding increase in traffic which is all too common these days, maybe you are not getting your content in front of those who need to see it. And I got just the thing to help you sort that out. FREEBIES


Use ‘em freebies from ad networks to increase visitors to your site and you’re your content in front of more eyeballs. You may even increase your ad income.

Here is a round up of ad networks where you can get up to $100 ad credits at sign up to promote your blog for free

16. Read: You have heard “Great leaders are readers.” In the same vein, great bloggers are readers.

Reading gives you ideas, reference points, improves your grammar and style of writing.

17. Spy your competition: Get your detective glass out. It’s time to play detective and see what is really going on behind the scenes. You can check for keywords they are ranking for, backlinks, post categories and companies advertising on their site.

Recommended Spy Tools

18. Speak to someone about your blog: I do this all the time. Not necessarily my blog though but what I am currently working on or my next post.

I always lit up when talking about my current or next project and usually leave with more ideas and insights from who I am sharing my ideas with. You should try it and let me know your results J

19. Have a blog best bud: You honestly don’t need a chain of friends to be successful online. Realistically, you can only keep up with a handful of meaningful relationships. Quality trumps quantity.

To find your best bud online, follow these simple steps

  • Join a group – mastermind groups, Facebook group or meetup
  • Once accepted, join a discussion and find someone that consistently contributes to the group in a meaningful way
  • Connect with them on a more personal level by asking for their blog address, social media handle or Youtube channel
  • Learn more about their work and send an email to appreciate them
  • Keep the conversation going and look for an opportunity to be of help

They can also teach you their style of working and their best kept secrets when it comes to successful blogging

So look for someone or a couple of persons that you share value or interests or business and stick with them.

20. Read income reports: I love reading reports but sometimes in the comments, I hear someone trying to compare or wish they were making so much money from their blog. But that defeats the purpose of the whole income report.

While some reports are not properly written, some is just for the purpose of “showing off and asking you to buy something,” there are some great income reports out there that give you a map into how the blogger thinks and how you can make money from blogging.

These bloggers are also upfront and tell you they’ve been blogging for X no of years before enjoying

Here is a round up of the Best Blog Income Reports

For more inspiration, follow Scrivs income report on as he details how he plans to make $500,000 in one year of blogging

21. Vent out your blogging frustrations in a post but don’t kill a kitten

22. Write your business plan: If you are not a hobby-blogger, chances are you want to monetize your blog and turn it to a business.

Obviously as your blog grows, priorities will change but this startup launch plan will help you achieve both short and long term business goals for your blog.

Sometimes, the only reason why you get bloggers block is because you think you are not doing enough. And you think you are not doing enough because you don’t have your goals broken down week-by-week, so you get discouraged and stop blogging.

startup launch plan

Subscribe anywhere on this page and I’ll send this beautiful Workbook straight to your inbox 🙂

23. Do behind-the-scenes blog work: These are the boring task that every blogger wants to avoid. Get away from more creative blogging task to tidying up the back end.

24. Take a free course: From SEO to SMM, bloggers need to constantly stay ahead of the game in other to stand out and there is plenty of free courses to go around.

Here is a giant round up of platforms where you can take free online courses

25. Do a whole day of blogger outreach: I was able to get a post to 111 organic shares before this blog was a month old and guess how I did it – Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is simply reaching out to other bloggers via email for different reasons either to get on their radar, build a relationship or get them to take action e.g. contribute to your blog post

If you are hitting blogger’s block, the response of your blogger outreach may be all you need to get your juice back

26. Do a whole day of pitching new clients: If your blog is not yet profitable or you have space for some more clients, you can go a whole day just pitching clients.

If you researched and send an email every hour, a whole day of pitching can easily mean sending out emails to ten prospects and you just might get a client.

27. Write bite-sized content: Most times, when we think of writing 3000 – 5000+ words, it is no wonder why we are restless and end up not blogging about anything.

What you need is to write bite-sized content, between 300 – 500 words and publish. This is especially good if you already have a mailing list to promote to. Your subscribers will appreciate the post better than you publishing fluff content

28. Call everyone you know and organize a blogging meetup: Not done this yet but it’s a great idea and is a good way to get away from blogging without actually getting away from blogging

29. Call an event and ask if they need an extra speaker: What if you educate entirely new audience about the subject of blogging?

You will be surprised by just how much you know and the benefits are enormous. You will be exposing your blog to new audience thereby increasing traffic, promoting your brand and meeting new people. You may even get an invite to speak at another event!

30. Give yourself a pat in the back: You have done a lot to ensure you no longer deal with writer’s block or in this case, blogger’s block. If however you hit that block, refer back to this post and you will find yourself crushing it in no time.

What are your thoughts on writer’s block or blogger’s block?