These time saving kitchen hacks are cool and fun to try out. It will literally keep your sanity so try them out the next time you are in your kitchen

You thought you had it all figured out. You’ve cooked a few roasts, baked a few loaves, made a few fries so you know your way around a Dutch oven and a Silpat (if you have to ask what that means, then you definitely need this list!) This kitchen (and food) hacks will not only leave your mouth wide open but will make your legs move by themselves straight to the kitchen (don’t freak out when that happens 🙂 ).

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Make eggs in the microwave – I bet you didn’t know this, you’ll be glad you did. A fast and efficient way of making your eggs.

Find tutorial at Incredible Egg

Make limp celery crisp again – Celery that has gone limp during storage can be saved and used. A good way to conserve celery.

Find tutorial at Wikihow

Measure sticky ingredients without getting stuck – You know those times when you want to measure a particular quantity of a sticky substance in your kitchen but it keeps getting stuck in your measuring cup and makes a mess; well, here’s a good way to avoid that fuss.

Find tutorial at The Kitchn

Make ice cream with 3 ingredients – You might have thought ice cream takes so many ingredients to make, I mean where do they get the flavors or how does it taste this good? What you didn’t think about was this post that teaches you how to make your own ice cream with just 3 ingredients.

SmartSavvy Living

Scrape the skin off ginger with a grapefruit spoon – Self-explanatory eh? It’s an eye-opener

Find tutorial at Popsugar

Make potato chips in the microwave – A tasty and easy alternative to store-bought potato chips (not to mention economical)!

Find tutorial at All Recipes

Grate cheese like a pro – Did you know you could grate cheese without a cheese grater. This kind of makes you worry less about the cheese grater.

Find tutorial at Leaf

Start a kitchen herb garden in an egg carton – Now is the perfect time of the year to plant a small garden with your children or loved ones. Now, you can make a simple herb garden with common materials and with little effort.

Find tutorial at Inhabitat

Make delicious chocolate molds with brown sugar – If you’re looking for a unique gift or just another way to keep your chocolate addiction going, you can cast chocolate into custom shapes using a mold made from brown sugar.

Find tutorial at Life Hacker

Hull strawberries with a straw – Ever wondered how you can hull strawberries in a short amount of time, with an object as simple as a straw, this “everlasting” feat can be achieved in a short amount of time

Find tutorial at Good to Know

Pitch cherries with a chopstick – Don’t have a cherry pitter on hand? No problem! Use a chopstick to push out the pit—into a bottle.

Find tutorial at Life Hacker

Make easy cheese sticks – Make this yummy-looking, appetizer favorite at home. You’ll enjoy both making and eating this.

Find tutorial at Betty Crocker

Make pancake pops – No need to pull out the silverware when you can have these tasty little nuggets on a stick!

Find tutorial at abc.go

Make chocolate sauce without complex recipes – Let’s say you forgot to plan for dessert, just grab whatever chocolate is in your pantry and make a last minute sauce with these simple recipe.

Find tutorial at Food 52

Make potato wedge fries with an apple corer – We both know slicing potatoes is time-consuming, why would we want to waste that much time when we can use our apple corers.

Find tutorial at Mamato5 Blessings

I know you are in your kitchen right now trying out these really cool hacks. You’re welcome!