13 awesome drinks to make as the chilly autumn sets in

As the weather leads into chilly autumn days, our taste in drinks changes as well. “Warm” and “spicy” comes to mind. Whether fruity, chocolatey or creamy, this list has got you covered.

These drinks are absolutely effortless to make. Check them out and make your autumn and Thanksgiving one to remember.

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte – When you are a coffee lover, the autumn season is just right for “pumpkin spice latte”

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Festive Sparkling Cider – Filled with a crisp and delicious flavor, this festive drink is a perfect non-alcoholic beverage for the holidays.

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Pomegranate Spritzer – Now, if you want a simple and refreshing Thanksgiving drink that will impress your guests, try this pomegranate spritzer recipe. It’s a beautiful sparkling drink that will give color and fun to your party.

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Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate – This rich and creamy hot chocolate recipe is perfect for a chilly Fall evening. It’s a delicious warm drink that can be done quickly.

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Nutella Hot Chocolate – For hot chocolate with a taste of hazelnut, use Nutella instead of cocoa. You won’t regret this.

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Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule – The fall cocktail season is finally upon us. Start off with this amazing and delicious twist on the Moscow mule.


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Kahlua Pumpkin Scotchie – This dreamy pumpkin and butterscotch drink will make your taste buds sing.

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Apple Cider Mimosas – You’ll never want to drink apple cider alone again after discovering how tasty it is combined with bubbly champagne

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Warm Apple Pie Cocktail – Enjoy apple pie in a glass with this fall-ready beverage that’s packed with cider and cinnamon.

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Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pudding Shots – Mix caramel vodka or butterscotch schnapps into cheesecake pudding, then layer with apple pie filling for a boozy treat that’s hearty enough to eat for dessert.

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Apple Bourbon Bellini – Mix strong apple bourbon with sweet prosecco for an oh-so-pretty drink that will impress even the pickiest of fall party guests.

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Hard Apple Cider Sangria – This seasonal sangria starts with hard apple cider and will end with your guests asking for more.

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Kahlua Pumpkin Spice Martini – Pumpkin spice lattes again and again. We’ll be spending the chilly days of fall adding pumpkin to our martini.

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Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail – This moonshine cocktail literally tastes (and smells!) like apple pie in liquid form

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Boozy Pumpkin Milkshake – A ridiculously easy boozy pumpkin milkshake

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Whether you’re having a celebration or just want to have a good time with family and friends, every recipe in this list is one way to bring people together especially in this holiday season. Start off Thanksgiving with these awesome drinks and make it a memorable one.